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15 Ace Recipes to Serve at a Wimbledon Party

Wimbledon is one of the best fortnights in the British calendar – and what better excuse to have your friends over for a tennis-themed party! You’ll need to serve up some winning snacks though. Here are 15 recipes to inspire you:

1. Strawberries and Cream


It might seem a little obvious, but you cant have Wimbledon without strawberries and cream!

Recipe – just bang some whipped cream over your strawberries.

2. Tennis cupcakes

via Goodtoknow.com

Just how cute are these?

Recipe here.

3. Pimms lollipops

Via Shutterbeam.com

The weather might not be the warmest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an ice lolly. Especially when it has Pimms in it.

Recipe here. 

4. Avocado strawberry spinach salad with poppyseed dressing

Via Gimmesomeoven.com

Looks amazing, sounds fancy and only takes 10 minutes to prepare. What more could you want?

Recipe here. 

5. Andy Murray mint slice

via Mintcustard.wordpress.com

Add a little Scottish flare with this Andy Murray inspired traybake.

Recipe here. 

6. Tennis ball macaroons

via Afternooncrumbs.com

Everyone loves a macaroon and these are just adorable.

Recipe here. 

7. The Hamwich

via Collect5.blogspot.com

There’s something very British about a ham and cheese roll. Takes yours to party level with this warm, poppy seed roll version.

Recipe here.

8. Sweet cheese tennis ball

Via tumblr

Simple to make and very eye-catching, this sharing dish is perfect for any tennis party.

Recipe here. 

9. Tennis ball cake pops

Via People.com

You don’t get much cuter than these tennis ball cake pops. Well worth the effort to see your friend’s impressed faces.

Recipe here. 

10. Strawberry shortcake kabobs

via Tablespoon.com

Great for party finger food, these are a winner for both the kids and the adults.

Recipe here.

11. Garlic rosemary pork tenderloin

Via Thegunnysack.com

A good piece of pork is quintessentially British. Roast this and serve it in big slices. Your guests will love it after a few Pimms.

Recipe here.

12. Meatball sub sticks

Rather than dish up the usual sausage rolls, make something a little different. These meatball sub sticks are quirky and delicious.

Recipe here. 

13. Pimms lemon drizzle cake

Image redonline.co.uk

This just looks ridiculously good. Perhaps you could make this and eat it before the guests get there…

Recipe here. 

14. Tennis cookies

Cute and simple. These are sure to add charm to any party.

Recipe here.

15. Marshmallow fridge tart

via Simple-delivious-food.com

Great to make in advance, this marshmallowy tart is decadent and superb. It even contains tennis biscuits!

Recipe here. 

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