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19 Parents Who Are Parenting Better Than Everyone

Parenting is tough. It’s a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into your dream job. These parents below are both hilarious and very clever – sure their kids are probably mortified that their parents antics have went viral across the internet. But we suspect they’ll see the funny side in a few years.

Here are 19 of our favourite awesome parents:

1. These parents making fun of their son’s Facebook photograph

via Boredpanda.com

We’ve all seen our friends and relatives on Facebook posting naff photos of their holidays. We’d all like to make fun of their stupid looking photos, but we really don’t have the guts. Unlike these parents who have zero qualms about ripping into their son.

2. This Dad and the texting moth

via Tumblr.com

There’s nothing more horrific than finding a big insect or spider in your room. Thankfully you can rely on your Dad, he’ll always come to your rescue. Well not this Dad.

3.  The multi-tasking parent

via Lovethispic.com

Why play with the cat, dog and kid separately when you can buy a cheap laser and play with them all at once? Genius!

4. The kid who wanted “cold hard cash”

via Boredpanda.com

His face says it all. You can just imagine the parents giggling in the background.

5. These super considerate parents!

via Pinterest.com

As soon as you see a baby on a flight you’re instantly ready to be annoyed at the parents. But these parents were one step ahead with this brilliant little goody bag for fellow flyers.

6. The parents with a mushroom child

via Metro.co.uk

These parents told their two children that they had an older brother who refused to have a bath. Because of his stench their brother turned into a mushroom. They even put mushroom photos in the family album.

7. ┬áThe “Get Along Shirt”

via Digitalmomblog.com

For every parent that is fed up with fighting siblings, this shirt is genius. The cherry on top is the fact their parents took a picture and stuck it on the internet. Brilliant!

8. How to get kids to do chores

via Pinterest.com

In a generation where the internet is everything, this is one genius way of making your kids do their chores. We’re sure they’ll be done in no time time at all.

9. The Liam Neeson guide to parenting

via Lovethispic.com

Really, if you want anything done by your kids you need to threaten mobile phones and internet. This Mum threatens her children in the most epic way.

10. The parents who don’t believe in gender-based toys

via Imgur.com

Instead of just giving their daughter dolls, this girl’s parents also gave her cars to play with. The result above was brilliant.

11. The tooth fairy who has health and safety training

via Non-stopmom.blogspot.com

The Mum who tells her daughter to tidy her room in the most awesome way – she’s even being nice and offering to help her messy daughter.

12. The kid who just wanted to know her parents were okay

via Boredpanda.com

On hearing their was an escaped murderer near where her parents lived, one concerned daughter texted her parents to make sure they were okay. She got this reply.

13. The Dad who dressed up as a Minion for his son

via Mirror.co.uk

It’s not just the fact that he agreed to dress as a Minion, it’s the fact he put 100% effort into his costume. He’s not even bothered about public transport.

14. The parents who watch Big Bang Theory

via Sheldonfans.com

And know exactly how to troll their child on Christmas day. Well played.

15. This Dad who discovered a priceless parenting hack

via Lifehack.org

Why stand pushing your daughter on the swing for hours when you can sit back and enjoy a chilled beverage at the same time. We know you all want to try this one.

16. The parents who made this crib

via Boredpanda.com

Because think of all the priceless pictures you’ll get of your new baby!

17. The true victim of One Direction

via Tumblr.com

If you’re going to make your parents suffer a full One Direction concert, then fully expect them to embarrass you in any way that they can.

18. The dad who keeps his promises

via Reddit.com

“If you do something wrong you’ll wear my face to school!” Surely he wouldn’t? Oh wait, he really did.

19. The parents who claim they have no favourite child

via Boredpanda.com

We’re pretty sure they have a favourite child… Do you think her siblings will notice?

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