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6 Epic Horror Comedy Films Worth Your Time During Covid 19 Pandemic To Kill The Loneliness

As we all prepare for the scary Quarantine time due to COVID 19 pandemic, many of us are considering options outside of the usual house routines what would we do while being isolated and limited to our own selves. It does not matter whether we want to or not staying indoors is the best cure. While staying at home during this terrible time and listening to news might be very traumatic. So why not to catch on few epic horror comedy films, why not pick from some of the ones below that are great to watch and rewatch in between the usual scary fodder that seems inevitable.

#1 Shaun of the Dead

Courtesy of fanart.tv
Courtesy of fanart.tv

Who hasn’t seen Shaun of the Dead yet? If you’re one of the minority who hasn’t then you owe it to yourself to give this one a watch. Edgar Wright’s direction is superb as usual and the writing has certain nuances to it that still infect my writing to this day. Some people often lament the direction the third act takes but I’ve always enjoyed the way this film ended. Even if you have seen this one, which you probably have, it’s still worth a rewatch this Halloween.

#2 Zombieland

Courtesy of fanpop.com
Courtesy of fanpop.com

I might be wrong in saying this but I remember thinking that Zombieland kind of flew under the radar when it came out. I went to see it in the cinema, the room fairly deserted apart from me and a group of friends. Perhaps the reason it didn’t grab as much attention as it should’ve is because, if you’re like me, you assumed it would be a bit of hastily thrown together mediocrity in the hope of pulling in some money with some big actors and the ever growing pop culture icon, the zombie. However, I was proven hugely wrong that day in the cinema, the writing leaving me laughing and the characters genuinely interesting. Alongside that, a cameo made by Bill Murray seals the deal and move this film from good to great.

#3 What We Do In The Shadows

Courtesy of gawker.com
Courtesy of gawker.com

Starring one half of the Flight Of The Conchords, this fairly surreal film is a mockumentary that follows a group of vampires who live together in the same flat. With an interesting premise and one half of one of my favourite comedy duos, I thought my enjoyment of this film might be based on bias. That being said, the rather high level of critical acclaim the film received would indicate that this isn’t true. Have a look yourself and see whether or not it gets you interested.

#4 John Dies At The End

courtesy of tumblr.com
courtesy of tumblr.com

Based off a novel so good I finished it within two days, John Dies At The End follows the story of two friends that become embroiled in an extremely odd string of events after the introduction of a viscous black drug named Soy Sauce starts doing the rounds in their neighborhood. Allowing the user fantastic powers, or cursing them depending on how you see it, it’s important that you watch this one. I’d highly recommend the book as well.

#5 Black Sheep

Courtesy of iconmovies.com
Courtesy of iconmovies.com

Black Sheep is one of the more absurd premises on the list, centering around an illness that spreads through a sheep farm, turning the herd into a pack of man eaters. Cue a ninety minute romp that shows a trio trying to get themselves away from the farm. Oh, and did I mention that the main character has a chronic fear of sheep?

#6 Scary Movie 

Courtesy of edgesuite.net
Courtesy of edgesuite.net

The start of a series that has since parodied every horror film in the books, I doubt there’s many who haven’t seen this film yet either. The Scary Movie franchise has since taken a huge dip in quality, but the first two are definitely worth a look, even if it is just for some childish giggles.

Do you have any favourite horror comedies that I’ve missed out of this list? Why not let us know about them in the comments?

Jake Ormrod
I am a freelance writer living in Manchester, finishing off my first novel for a Creative Writing MA. I write/read every day and have a borderline obsession with music and video games.


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