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What’s Going On With The Oscars’ Popular Film Category?

The Academy Awards, or Oscars, are a collection of two dozen awards handed out every year at an awards ceremony broadcast live. Academy awards or Oscars to be happen soon in 2020. The popular film category of Oscars 2020 about the best Oscar nominated movies of 2019. The awards are given to those who have made significant achievements in the film industry and they’re widely regarded as the most prestigious and important film awards in the world. The newest category to be added to the roster, Best Animated Film, was introduced for the 2001 ceremony. An additional category, which would be the 25th, has been proposed, though the reception to it hasn’t been quite as positive as the Academy would have hoped for.

What is the Popular Film Category?

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The films awarded by the Academy aren’t necessarily the big, commercial hits and blockbusters. The Academy focuses on quality and very often hands out awards to less commercially successful films and those involved with them. The point of the Popular Film Category, it would seem, is to give some of the more well known, financially successful films a chance at winning something.

When’s the category going to be introduced?

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The Popular Film Category was initially announced on 8 August 2018. However, the following month it was announced that the category would not be making its debut at the 91st Academy Awards in 2019 and that it’s been delayed so that the organisers of the awards can make better-informed choices about the category, how it would work and what films would be eligible.

What’s all the fuss about?

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When news of this potential new category broke, the reaction to it was almost completely negative. Many accused the academy of pandering to the mainstream by having a category just for popular films and doing it just to boost ratings. Some also expressed concern over the name of the category, saying it suggests that films not in that category aren’t popular. However, some have praised the category, saying that it may encourage those making blockbusters to think about their critical reception, not just their commercial one. Others have pointed out that the category would simply give overlooked films a chance to win something; the Academy hasn’t handed out a Best Picture award to a Top 10 Box Office film since 2004. As of now, it remains to be seen whether the category will actually get introduced at the 2020 show, or whether it will be scrapped.

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