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The Top 10 Best Disney Animal Sidekicks – Did Your Favourite Make the List?

Disney films have a lot of things going for them really. They made us want to grow up to be princes and princesses, they taught us important life lessons and, hell, we even learned some lovely songs.

But there was something else in Disney films that every little child grew up wanting – a Disney animal sidekick!

Disney makes incredible animal sidekicks, but which sidekicks were the best?

1. Flounder from The Little Mermaid

disney animal sidekick
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Okay, so Flounder wasn’t exactly the bravest Disney animal sidekick but he still has a special place in our hearts. What we love about Flounder is the fact that although he panicked in stressful situations (like many of us) he never left Ariel’s side.

2. Dug from Up

disney animal sidekick
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Dug was simply adorable. He might have started off in the bad gang but as soon as he met Carl and Russel he changed sides immediately. Plus he provided some fun after the HORRIFIC start to that movie. Sniff.

3. Sven from Frozen

disney animal sidekick
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Reindeer are cool. Especially when they act like big overgrown dogs with antlers. Sure, he may have tried to eat Olaf’s nose once, but that was just once! Sven is lloyal, funny and ever so cute.

4. Pegasus from Hercules

disney animal sidekick
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How could you not love a horse with wings that was made from clouds by a God? That’s just a recipe for Disney animal sidekick success. We love Pegasus and his horsey attitude. He doesn’t trust Meg so won’t let her ride on him and he’s always first to show Hercules how he feels.

5. Pascal from Tangled

disney animal sidekick
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Talking of Disney animal sidekicks with attitude, how bad-ass was Pascal from Tangled? He may have only been pint-sized but this chameleon could even boss Flynn around. Plus, unlike Rapunzel who was too wimpy to even leave the house, we can’t imagine Pascal being anything other than fierce.

6. Abu from Aladdin

disney animal sidekick
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You have to be a seriously loyal Disney animal sidekick to allow yourself to be turned into an elephant for someone. Sure Abu might have been a little reluctant (who wouldn’t have been) but he still stuck with Aladdin despite the monkey’s disdain for Princess Jasmine.

7. Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

disney animal sidekick
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Any Disney animal sidekick that has been put in charge of looking after the flighty Princess Ariel deserves some serious recognition. Sebastian is definitely a bit of a hero. Plus he’s got that cool Jamaican accent and sang Under the Sea.

8. Meeko from Pocahontas

disney animal sidekick
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Meeko is continuously stuffing his face – which is just one of the reasons why we love him. But his love of food is just an opening for his ability to trust and speak to everyone (which is what Pocahontas the movie is trying to make us be). So really Meeko is one of the wisest Disney animal sidekicks in the entire franchise.

9. Maximus from Tangled

Disney animal sidekick
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Never has there been a horse (or indeed a Disney animal sidekick) that has been so determined to hunt down a criminal. Think of him as Dog the Bounty Hunter but Disneyfied. Maximus is utterly fierce but, as we find out, also a total softie who is desperate to help Rapunzel after hearing about her dream to see the floating lights.

10. Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio

disney animal sidekick
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You don’t get better a Disney animal sidekick than an actual conscience in animal form. He’s like your own walking, talking nagging voice that will keep you on the right track. Now that might not appeal to everyone, but we could all do with some guidance in life. Plus he stays with Pinocchio even though he’s a little horror.

Who is your favourite Disney animal sidekick?


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