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23 Cartoon Foods With Faces Are The Tasty Cartoon Foods We want To Eat

No matter how many recipes we follow, or how high quality the ingredients we purchase, we can’t ever seem to make our food look as good as it does in the animated movies. Here are 23 solid photos that prove the theory that fictional food from cartoons makes us hungrier than ever!

1. This breakfast porridge in Mulan looks so yummy, even with a cricket sat in the middle of it!

via buzzfeed.com

2. The giant honey pot that Winnie the Pooh encounters in his self-titled movie makes us green with envy!

via basementrejects.com

3. The secret formula to the Krabby Patty is something we’ve always longed for more than Spongebob Squarepants himself!

via sbmania.net

4. Everybody wanted to be Lumiere’s guest on Beauty and the Beast! The “grey stuff” really did look delicious, whatever it was!

via disneyexaminer.com

5. These eight immaculate lime green ice cream cones on Scooby Doo look like the perfect cool-me-down on a hot day.

via techagesite.com

6. Ponyo’s steamy bowl of noodles complete with ham, eggs, and green onions gave us a whole new appreciation for Japanese cuisine.

via tumblr.com

7. We don’t condone stealing, but that fresh loaf of bread from Aladdin made us totally understand why he felt the urge to take it!

via blogs.disney.com

8. Spaghetti and meatballs have never been the same since Lady and the Tramp. How many of us have tried to reenact the iconic scene?

via sky.com

9. That perfectly-crafted gooseberry pie from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves made us anything but ‘grumpy’!

via cornel1801.com

10. Yes, it’s a heart-attack in a bun, but chowing down The Clogger from The Simpsons was a risk we’re all willing to take!

via simpsons.wikia.com

11. Admit it, you didn’t watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the heroic fight scenes. You watched it for the pizza!

via giphy.com

12. The only thing we learned from Alice in Wonderland is that a mysterious bowl of cookies, each with a different shape and label, is impossible for anyone to resist!

via pinterest.com

13. We thought we knew what dumplings were until we laid eyes on those large fluffy dumplings that Lin and Chihiro eat on Spirited Away.

via lotusgurl.com

14. It blows our mind that something as plain as corn look so darn appetizing in it’s cartoon form! Thanks Cinderella!

via tumblr.com

15. Kronk’s spinach puffs in The Emperor’s New Groove gave us all a reason to want to live a healthier lifestyle.

via blogs.disney.com

16. Who didn’t want to be force-fed donuts as an “ironic punishment” like Homer did in The Simpsons?

via techtimes.com

17. If all rats cooked as good as Remy in Ratatouille, we’d have no problem letting them into our kitchens!

via fictionalfood.net

18. When Tiana made soup in The Princess and the Frog, the movie theatres were filled with mouth-watering Disney fans!

via buzzfeed.com

19. Those chewy fried eggs and bacon that Markl wolfs down in Howl’s Moving Castle looked heavenly!

via moviemaker.com

20. The way Rafiki effortlessly munches exotic fruit in The Lion King like it’s no big deal was inspiring to us all.

via buzzfeed.com

21. We thought hand-drawn pie looked good, until we saw how scrumptious it looked in 3D when Rapunzel baked it in Tangled.

via maryamsblog.com

22. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was paradise for food lovers. The giant pancake especially made us reaching for the screen in hope it would come to life!

via visualizeus.com

23. Finally, don’t pretend you didn’t want to try that big juicy grub in The Lion King! We all thought it looked tasty AF!

via buzzfeed.com


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