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5 Most Awkward Meeting The Parents Stories That Will Crack You Up!

Meeting your partner’s parents can sometimes be a pretty awkward affair. You’ll stumble through your sentences as you and try and tell them what you think they want to hear, and you’ll definitely fight every instinctual urge in your body to simply be yourself. That initial meet can be nerve racking, but hopefully you’ll make it through the event relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for these guys. Take a look at the most awkward meeting the parents stories. 

“I won over the family by insulting the mother”

This would have been a pretty bold move even if the guy had known his girlfriend’s parents for quite some time, so he earns triple points for being brave enough to say what he said. Read ahead to get the scoop.

I met my high school girlfriends parents during Sunday dinner and her father and I really hit it off. During dinner her mother, whom is named Donna, kept asking me a lot of questions to which her father joked that she had diarrhea of the mouth. I then joked that they should call her Donna-rrhea. Everyone laughed, except her mom, she hated me.

The Most Awkward Meeting The Parents Stories
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“I accidentally killed the family dog”

If I had done this, I don’t think I would ever have had the courage to tell anybody about the events that unfolded. For some reason, this girl told a friend who kindly shared it with everybody else on the internet. There’s a semi-happy ending at the end, so we guess every cloud has a silver lining? Still, this is just terrible.

My friends boyfriend at the time brought her to his parents house for the first time to meet. Upon entering the living room she saw they had one of those giant bean bags. Being the outgoing person she is she ran and jumped on it landing hard on their 10+ year old dog ultimately killing it. They ended up getting married.

The Most Awkward Meeting The Parents Stories
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Some people are very particular about how you eat potatoes

This one is just very bizarre, and to be perfectly honest, we’re not too sure what the boyfriend’s strange potato eating technique is all about…

When I went round my ex’s for dinner with her parents one night, I found out her parents were pretty strange. When I eat potatoes I like to mash them with a fork and mix them in butter. When I tried doing this at the table her dad noticed what I was doing, got up from his seat, turned his back on me and literally shouted ‘THAT ISN’T HOW YOU EAT POTATOES!’

I didn’t know whether he was being serious or if it was just his sense of humour so I looked at his wife for reassurance. She gave me that teacher look, got up from her seat, took both my hands in hers with the knife and fork and cut the remaining two potatoes in to quarters. Her dad sat down again and we finished the meal in silence with him closely watching how I ate everything.

The Most Awkward Meeting The Parents Stories
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I accidentally attacked my girlfriend’s brother

We’ll let this guy do the explaining, because we can’t even begin to understand this one. You’ve go to feel sorry for him, though.

I met my girlfriend’s parents at their summer house the summer after my sophomore year in college. Though their daughter spoke highly of me, I was intimidated by their strict demeanor. They arrived at the house late at night with my girlfriend’s sister and brother, and because it was late, I introduced myself to them and everyone went to sleep. I shared a room with my girlfriend’s younger brother. Around 2am, I began sleepwalking over to her brother’s bed.

I panicked when I felt someone’s warm face in the other bed. I could not find the light switch so I began to attack the “intruder” (her brother) while screaming and swearing at him. I punched her brother in the face multiple times, even as he begged me to stop. Her parents rushed into the bedroom, fully dressed, with their Great Dane on his leash, barking and lunging aggressively. When the lights turned on, her parents saw me in my boxers with my fists raised over their son. Her brother and I laid wide awake, silently, for the rest of the night.

The Most Awkward Meeting The Parents Stories
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Meeting the Star Trek fanatics

Hats off to the parents for embracing their passion as openly as possible with no shame, and a special shout out to the most witty pizza delivery guy of all time.

I brought my first college boyfriend home for Thanksgiving. We were greeted by my parents in full Star Trek uniforms. My dad was wearing Spock ears and they were both giving us the “live long and prosper” salute. They ordered pizza and the delivery guy asked my dad why he didn’t just have the pizza beamed over.

The Most Awkward Meeting The Parents Stories
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