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12 Ridiculously Overpriced Products That Are Ripping You Off

We all buy ridiculously overpriced products without really thinking about it. May it be expensive coffees or pricey flowers, we waste money on these products every month.

But what are the worst ridiculously overpriced products?

1. Film/movie theatre popcorn

ridiculously overpriced products
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As far as ridiculously overpriced products go, you don’t get much worse than popcorn. On average popcorn has a mark-up price of around 1275%, which makes sense. How often do you feel shocked at the price when you buy some popcorn and a drink. It’s usually twice the amount of the ticket.

2. Diamond rings

ridiculously overpriced products
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When you think of ridiculously overpriced products, diamond rings aren’t likely to spring to mind. Diamonds are really expensive to start with, no? Well actually diamonds can have a mark-up from 50-400%. Learning more about diamonds will ensure you get a better deal.

3. Hotel minibars

ridiculously overpriced products
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If you get a midnight craving for a Mars bar while you’re staying in hotel you better be prepared to pay the extortionate price. Think mark-ups hitting 400% – you’d be better bringing some of your own nibbles.

4. Bakery goods

ridiculously overpriced products
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On any bakery good that you could make at home you’re looking at around a 100% mark-up. So next time you’re craving a cupcake, get out the recipe books rather than nipping in the store.

5. Flowers

via Tumblr.com
via Tumblr.com

Especially around the Holiday period, shopping for flowers can be a very pricey business. For a large(ish) bouquet of normal flowers expect to pay around £50. If you want roses or orchids expect to pay considerably more.

6. Cosmetics

ridiculously overpriced products
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Did you know that most cosmetics are made from dirt, oil, fragrance and wax? It seems weird that we pay so much money (usually a 78% mark-up) for them then. The big price all comes down the branding – anti-aging, pore-reducing and dark-shadow killing etc – as that is what makes us part with our money.

7. Greeting cards

ridiculously overpriced products
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Greeting cards have a 200% mark-up for a bit of card. Match this with the endless Holidays a year that require a card and you’re seriously out of pocket.

8. University/college textbooks

ridiculously overpriced products
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Anyone who has been to university will know the pain of textbooks. You need one for every class you take and they often cost in excess of £70 a book. Not great for the student load – especially as many books can be marked-up as much as 200%.

9. Sofas

ridiculously overpriced products
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Furniture shops are awful for their margins – expect your sofa to have a 200% mark-up at least. It’s best to try and do your furniture shopping during sales.

10. Bottled water

ridiculously overpriced products
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That bottle of water you have to buy every morning? It probably has a 4000% mark-up. You should really stick to tap water.

11. Fizzy drinks in restaurants

ridiculously overpriced products
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Eating out is always fun, but you pay for it with your soft drinks which can range from a 300 to 600% mark-up. Opt for water and spend those extra pennies on dessert.

12. Coffee and tea

ridiculously overpriced producst
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We all love a trip to places like Starbucks or Costa for a nice cup of super skinny, caramel, extra foamy coffee thing for £5. These are a hefty 300% mark-up though. Just make your own coffee at home.

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