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12 Freaky Animals You Wont Believe Are Real – No Not Photoshopped!

We’ve all heard of lions, bears and tigers but what about the freakier members of the animal kingdom? There are a lot of unusual animals in the world – some that you might not believe exist!

We’ve put together 12 freaky animals you might not have seen before. Warning, some are pretty freaky:

1. Babirusa

freaky animals
via Photoshelter.com

The babirusa also know as the hog-dear is a very unusual looking member of the pig family that lives on Indonesian islands. The horns will grow until the horns penetrate its own skull.

2. Pink Fairy Armadillo

freaky animals
via Wired.com

As far as freaky animals go, the pink fairy armadillo is very possibly the cutest. This little animal is only around 3.5 to 4.5 inches long and has the ability to bury itself completely underground in just a manner of seconds.

3. The Gerenuk

freaky animals
via Globaltheory.com

Is it an antelope or a giraffe, this freaky animal is somewhere in-between. This species of gazelle is able to reach up and get food that other animals cannot.

3. Naked Mole Rat

freaky animal
via Thesun.co.uk

Now the naked mole rat definitely looks like a freaky animal. Surprisingly this animal is resistant to cancer and lives up to 28 years old – which is very old for a mammal of this size.

4. Kiwaidae

freaky animal
via Photoradar.com

This unusual crab has been nicknamed the yeti crab due to its white furry appearance.

6. Snub-nosed monkey

freaky animal
via CBSnews.com

This freaky animal looks like he’s had some seriously bad cosmetic surgery. The snub-nosed monkey live in large groups of around 600 in mountain forests.

7. The Maned Wolf

freaky animal
via Harmonygong.com

This freaky animal is rather beautiful – kind of like a mix between a wolf, a fox and an antelope. The maned wolf comes from South America and it is the tallest of all wild canids.

8. Cyphonia Clavata

freaky animal
via Tumblr.com

This insect is definitely a freaky animal – it even looks like there’s an ant coming out of its head. The cyphonia clavata uses this ant body as a disguise to hide itself from predators.

9. Tufted Deer

freaky animal
via Featuredcreature.com

This little deer almost looks like a vampire with its fangs. It comes from central China where it tends to live by itself or in a pair.

10. Lamprey

freaky animal
via Holykaw.alltop.com

This freaky animal is straight out of nightmares. The lamprey is a jawless fish which attaches itself to other fish in order to suck their blood.

11. Raccoon Dog

freaky animal
via Factzoo.com

The tanuki is more commonly known as the raccoon dog due to its resemblance to a raccoon. The two species are not closely related though. The raccoon dog is native to East Asia and is known for it’s ability to climb trees.

12. Patagonian Mara

freaky animal
via Lifestlye.allwomantalk.com

The patagonian mara is a freaky animal as it looks like a cross between a rabbit and a terrier dog. Found in Argentina, this large rodent has large muscular hind legs for effective running.


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