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Kittens Being Sold Online For Fighting Dog Bait

It has come as a shocking revelation that there is a community of people using social media as a platform to commit serious animal abuse offenses for pleasure and entertainment. People are using sites such as Facebook and Gumtree to advertise small kittens they have purposely bred to be used as bait for dogs that have been bred to fight. This evil sport is seen as entertainment for a horrible community that also take part in the breeding and buying of these small helpless kittens, whose life purpose is to be tortured and effectively chewed up by aggressive dogs.

via mirror.co.uk
via mirror.co.uk

Often the kittens that are being sold on the internet are underweight, have fleas and worms having been mistreated and abused. The breeders are purely breeding them to act as a live toy for dogs, so their health is not a priority. Once more, they are often sold illegally soon with some of them as young as a few weeks before leaving their mothers to a painful ending. It is hard to believe that there are people that feel comfortable to engage in this kind of activity and see a litter of small defenseless kittens and choose their fate but this is just what is happening. There have been investigations taking place by the RSPCA surrounding the kittens being sold as bait and released a statement saying, ‘The RSPCA can confirm that it has received complaints about kittens being sold for “dog bait” in the Liverpool area and will be investigating, any reports of animals being used to attack other animals are extremely disturbing and anyone with information should contact us.’.

via metro.com
via metro.com

It is getting increasingly hard for the kitten breeders to be caught as they are thought to use made up names and regularly change their accounts in order to not be caught or replace profiles that Facebook have banned. A recent case of a kitten that had survived being used as dog bait and was rescued was Smurf. He is a little kitten who had been permanently dyed purple and abused severely, being treated like a worthless toy. Now he is recovering and has formed strong bonds with his fellow kittens in recovery. Stories like these are increasingly heartbreaking as the animals do not have a chance to speak or cry for help from evil people that mistreat them.



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