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The Top 10 Best Players For Ultimate Team on FIFA 16

FIFA 16’s Ultimate Team is, without a doubt, it’s highlight feature and offers up a really fun time within a game that only sees minor gameplay changes each year. The opening of packs, the buying of coins, the selling of players, the creating of teams and much more are what make FIFA 16 arguably the most popular single mode in any game in our modern generation. YouTube stars and Twitch stars have really utilised the popular gameplay mode as many people love to see countless packs opened hoping for in-form players and more. However, what players are you looking for? Which are the top 10 highest rated players in FIFA 16 which will allow you to have the best team possible?

As with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team rules, we will state the Player, their team, their nationality and which League they’re from as these are the key components when trying to create the best team with the best chemistry.

9. Neymar Jr. – FC Barcelona (Liga BBVA) – Brazilian

The second Brazilian on our list is Neymar. A lot of fans will probably feel he’s a little underrated especially considering some of the players above him and that he’s hot in the running for Ballon D’or. However, he’ll still be an absolute machine with 5-star Weak Foot, 5-Star Skill Moves, 90 Pace and 92 dribbling.

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