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This Monkey Got Loose In Florida And Guess What Did It Do to People?

As a huge fan of monkey’s, the idea of a monkey getting loose near where I live and generally larking about, eating our mail or pooing on vehicles. Some people in Florida got to live that dream, watching the animal have the time of his life, languishing in some well earned freedom.

Courtesy of thetelegraph.co.uk
Courtesy of thetelegraph.co.uk

The monkey was the pet of an owner living in Orlando, Florida, spending a short time dancing through the streets before returning the animal to its owner. Zeek, the monkey, was able to spend his time chewing through people’s mail, pulled molding of numerous police cars and rocked back and forth on top of street signs. The incident was first called in when one neighbour rang the local police department, complaining that a monkey was eating mail out of their mailbox. Officers promptly responded to the call.

Courtesy of nydailynews.com
Courtesy of nydailynews.com

When the officers arrived, the monkey went for the vehicle, pulling molding from the top of the car before taking a bottle of water from them, drinking from it for a while as the officers kept an eye on him. Rather than immediately jump on the animal, the police started to video the animal before putting the video up on their Facebook. It wasn’t long before the video started gaining traction on the site, many finding the video a fun little distraction that highlighted the friendliness of police in a society that is so used to hearing nothing but unpleasant things about the police force.

Courtesy of universalfreepress.com
Courtesy of universalfreepress.com

What do you think of this story? Is it weird to you that somebody is keeping a monkey at a pet? Would you like one, or maybe some other exotic pet that most people don’t know about? For some people, it’s bad enough we keep wild animals trapped in zoos, never mind a flat or semi-detached house. Sound off in the comments about what you think and let us know exactly how this story made you feel. There’s definitely a dark tinge to the underbelly of this otherwise funny story, and that might be what affected you rather than the funny side.

On the lighter note, here is the video:


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