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Some Celebs Have Real Skills – We Have Listed Amazing Ones

Most people are lucky if they have one or two talents, and even more fortunate if they can turn said abilities into a successful career. Well, these celebs have not only achieved this seemingly impossible goal, but have even more hidden skills besides their day jobs, leaving us mere mortals feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. From the seriously impressive to the downright bizarre, here is our list of the most unusual and impressive talents celebs have mastered…

Pierce Brosnan

What is 007’s secret skill? The man can eat fire! While attending an acting workshop as a teenager he came across a professional fire eater offering lessons. It turned out a young Brosnan had a knack for it, so much so he was hired by a circus agent the same day! He spent the next three years eating fire as a living and he used his unique ability in multiple acting roles throughout his career.

Image courtesy of womenonly.com

Steve Buscemi

Another man meant for the circus. As a child Steve Buscemi dreamed of being a New York City street performer in the famously creative East Village, so he practiced on a daily basis throughout his youth. He has since used this unique skill on an episode of Boardwalk Empire, where he plays Nucky Thompson.

Image courtesy of theguardian.com
Image courtesy of theguardian.com

Conan O ‘Brien

The red headed TV host tap dances! Due to a strong childhood interest in black and white films, Conan took up tap dancing as he thought it was his best bet of making it in show business. In 2012, he surprised his audience by performing a tribute to that year’s Best Picture Winner The Artist, showing he’s still got it!

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullocks mother was a prominent German opera singer and voice teacher. As a youngster the actress toured with her mother, becoming fluent in the language. She even performed in the children’s chorus for her mother’s productions.

Image courtesy of www.express.co.uk
Image courtesy of www.express.co.uk

Christina Hendricks

She may be best known for playing curvy receptionist Joan Harris on TV’s Mad Men, but acting is not Christina’s only talent. Surprisingly she can play the accordion, even incorporating it into an episode of the show.

Steve Martin

Although better known as a talented comedy actor, Steve has released multiple bluegrass albums and is a skilled banjo player. He picked the instrument up at 17 and has even won a grammy for his musical abilities.

Image courtesy of http://grassclippingsblog.com/
Image courtesy of grassclippingsblog.com

Harrison Ford

Han Solo can fly in real life and not just on screen! Before he was an international star Harrison took flying lessons, but stopped when it became too expensive. Now he can fly multiple air craft including both helicopters and planes and has an impressive aviation collection.

Image courtesy of firewireblog.com
Image courtesy of firewireblog.com

Kristen Wiig

A creative talent on many fronts, Kristen is also a skilled artist as well as an actress. Wiig was an art major during her days as a student at the University of Arizona, but she dropped out after taking an acting class and discovered her true life goal.


Aaron Paul

Perhaps one of the more bizarre talents on this list, Aaron Paul can tell the gender of any dog just by petting its back, as he proved on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2013.

 Susan Sarandon

Acting legend Susan Sarandon’s surprising but not so secret obsession is ping-pong. She loves the game so much she opened her own ping-pong nightclub in New York City called Spin, and has even considered making a ping-pong focused reality show.

Image courtesy of suggest.com
Image courtesy of suggest.com
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