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The Boom Of Internet And Its Benefits

In an interesting news article featured on the BBC today, it was claimed that many of today’s children spend up to three hours a day on their tablets or mobile devices. Many of them don’t even watch a TV set anymore, choosing to get all their entertainment online.

This got us thinking! What did we do before the internet existed? Here are things that we used to do the hard way but the boom of internet and its benefits simplified them! Whatever did we do without technology?

9. Arranged to meet our friends in one conversation

You either had to do all your arranging during school hours in the canteen, over your lunchtime chips – or on the aforementioned phone in the hallway. But you had to do it in one go, and stick to your plan no matter what, because there was no WhatsApp, Messenger or Email to let your friends know if you’d suddenly caught ebola, or got grounded for playing your Rick Astley tapes too loud.

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