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13 Of The FINEST 90s Comedy Shows You’ll Love To Remember – #7 Is A Classic

Love a good laugh? So does everyone here at Voolas. Sometimes it’s the classic sitcoms that provide us with the most fun. We remember them fondly because they were a part of our growing up and informed our tastes as we matured.

The 1990s often gets overlooked when we think about the best sitcoms. But we’re going to prove that there were some awesome shows back then – here are 13 of the greatest comedy shows from that era.

The Golden Girls

Betty White is now the only remaining cast member still alive, and at 90 she’s an amazingly positive and funny lady. The Golden Girls was an absolutely classic series, featuring the trials and tribulations of 3 senior ladies sharing an apartment. It was classy, it had style and 3 of the best leading ladies you could wish for. “Picture it, Sicily, 1922….”



Roseanne Barr’s life was troubled off-screen, but on screen she portrayed the matriarch, overseeing her rambunctious clan, and husband (played by John Goodman). The sitcom was a keen mix of witty barbed scripts and emotional drama. Perfect.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience

Americans did nippy one liners, we did satire like no-one else. The Mary Whitehouse Experience was a key player in 1990s comedy in the UK. Baddiel, Newman, Punt and Dennis toured stadiums with their show. All together…”That’s you that is…”

Men Behaving Badly

Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey played losers Gary and Tony in this wonderfully scatty sitcom. Ably assisted by Leslie Ash and Caroline Quentin, the show gave rise to lad culture in the UK, but Simon Nye’s writing was clever and sharp.

This Morning With Richard Not Judy

Richard Herring and Stewart Lee are still big names on the comedy circuit, but this long forgotten BBC2 gem showcased their talent at the start of their respective careers. A Sunday morning favourite. If you can remember The Kurious Oranj, you get a bonus point.

Smack The Pony

Smack The Pony was a sketch show on Channel 4 that took 4 talented actresses and gave them some great skits and routines. This sketch is a classic.


Basically, a classic sitcom that wasn’t really about anything – but managed to be about everything. Wonderful and much missed



The Cheers spin off garnered plaudits in its own right, a wonderful chance for the excellent Kelsey Grammer to spread his wings and explore the character of Frazier Crane even further. It also featured British actress Jane Leeves, doing the worst northern accent ever.

Gimme Gimme Gimme

Often rude, never bettered – this classic sitcom from the late 90s, written by Jonathan Harvey and starring the ESTIMABLE Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus is an absolute joy.

Absolutely Fabulous

About to head back onto our screens again – AbFab was a major player in the 1990s. Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley were outstanding as Edina and Patsy. We’re waiting with baited breath for the ladies to return


Strictly speaking this started in the 80s and ended in the 90s, but you can’t have a run down of the greatest sitcoms from that era without including it. This scene ties in nicely with the earlier clip of Frazier as it features Kelsey Grammer and his soon to be wife, Lilith, played with aplomb by BeBe Neuwirth

Victoria Wood Presents

A short series of 6 comedy playlets that first featured in 1990, Victoria Wood took the opportunity to write for herself and her repertory company of Julie Walters, Celia Imrie, Duncan Preston, Anne Reid and Lil Roughley. Each episode was different, but equally hilarious and beautifully written. “My husband’s just coming…” “Where from, Bangladesh?”

The Office

Heartbreakingly written and acted – by far the best thing Ricky Gervais and co ever did – The Office is a little gem of ordinary life being played out in front of the cameras. Pitch perfect and sometimes cringe making. But never anything less than beautiful.


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