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These People Swapped Faces on A Smart Phone App But They Were Not Expecting this!

By now we can safely say we have used the face swap snapchat filter way too many times, made some hilarious swaps and now the novelty has probably worn off completely. We have seen all the funny videos of people attempting it yet now they have been taken way too far and here we have the evidence!


via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

That awkward moment when your face gets swapped with a tyre! They clearly put so much effort into getting the shot as well!


Jesus Christ…

This guy actually does look like Jesus! As entertaining as this is, it is definitely taking things too far.


via twitter.com
via twitter.com

This is just very sad and we can’t help but actually feel sorry for the sad looking guy although not many people would attempt a pointless face swap with themselves and then admit to being lonely!


via popcrush.com
via popcrush.com

There was no need to ruin a childs classic toy by swapping your face with Thomas! However, this was probably quite a few kids dreams to be one of the tank engines.


via buzzfeed.com
via buzzfeed.com

The guy in this photo doesn’t look too bad until you notice his creepy smile on the white blobby man on the packaging, which is just scary!



This is hilarious but really does take faceswap too far now! You know when people start filming themselves with a print out face that it is time to call it a day!


via metro,com
via metro,com

What’s weirder, a grown man with Wendys face or the fact a grown man has purposely set out to do a face swap with his soda cup?


via memgenrator.com
via memgenrator.com

For some super creepy reason this little girls face has been swapped with the oven! The child now looks like the next blockbuster role for a scary movie and the oven just looks cute, oh dear.


via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

It is always awkward when you face swap and nothing even changes apart from a bit of facial hair! When someone said you and your partner look similar then next time take their word for it!


via buzzfeed.com
via buzzfeed.com

This one is just super creepy as only the eyes have been swapped and whilst the cat looks panicked with human eyes, the human looks like a thing of nightmares with green cat eyes! This picture is wrong on so many levels.


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