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15 Conspiracy Theories That Came True – #1 was Deadliest

We all have that one friend at parties, they have a few drinks and suddenly they’re telling us about all their favourite conspiracy theories.

But did you know about these 15 conspiracy theories that came true?

Alcohol was poisoned by the Government during prohibition

via Hatemyselfx.tumblr.com

When the Goverment found out people were still drinking after alcohol was banned they were not impressed so they decided to poison the ingredients to moonshine. It didn’t stop people and many became sick or died.

Area 51 exists

via content.time.com
via content.time.com

After a Freedom of Information Act was filed in 2005, the CIA had to finally admit that Area 51 was indeed real.

The CIA were conducting mind control experiments

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It was revealed in 1975 that there was a project called Project MKUltra that experimented with mind control and drug experiments on civilians.

The US were secretly selling weapons to Iran

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Known as the Iran-Contra affair, it was discovered during Reagan’s second term that senior officials were indeed secretly selling weapons to Iran.

The CIA has secret prisons

via dw.com
via dw.com

Human rights activists were adamant that the CIA were hiding secret prisons (known as black sites) from the public eye. Their existence was confirmed in 2006 by George W. Bush.

The WWE is scripted

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We all suspected that the WWE was scripted but it wasn’t confirmed until 2003 when a Reddit user started posting the winners of matches before the matches had happened.

Rich businessmen want to overthrow the US Government

via twistedlittlethings.com
via twistedlittlethings.com

Known as the Business Plot, it was revealed when Major General Smedley Butler testified to congress that several businessmen had attempted to recruit him in a plot to overthrow the Government leaving a dictatorship led by these businessmen. Although nobody was convicted it is thought there was at least a plot.

Propaganda started the Gulf War

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The Gulf War started after a young girl in 1990, called Nayirah, gave testimony to congress that there were babies being killed and Kuwaiti hospitals were being looted by Iraqi soldiers. However it came to light that the girl was actually the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US and had made up the stories about the babies. They wanted to start a war and succeeded.

The Government planned terrorist attacks on its own people

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The Department of Defense put forward a plan called Operation Northwoods which was rejected by the Kennedy administration. This plan was to place attacks on its own people and frame the Cuban Government.

Asbestos is dangerous

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We all thought asbestos might be dangerous and it turns our it is very dangerous. The fact came to light in the 1970’s but it’s thought that the Government knew its dangers as far back as the 1930’s and concealed the truth.

The 1919 World Series was Thrown

via imposemagazine.com
via imposemagazine.com

The Black Box Scandal saw eight White Sox players being accused of throwing the game, however all players were acquitted as it wasn’t technically a crime.

The CIA ‘cleaned’ the records of Nazi scientists

cia and nazi records

The CIA wanted to recruit Nazi scientists so they cleaned their records in order for them to work in American government.

The IRS targets people politically

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In 2013 it was revealed that the IRS had put people under intense scrutiny based on their political beliefs – particularly conservatives.

The CIA influences the news

via adweek.com
via adweek.com

It was discovered that the CIA had a secret project it the 1950’s that would influence the media – it was called Project Mockingbird.

Scientologists are into some bad stuff

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Operation Snow White was the name given to the operation by the Scientology church to rid governments across the world of any records that was not favourable to the church. Who knows what they get up to!

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