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What If Mythical Creatures Were Real?

With Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and all those other fantasy TV shows and films, there are plenty of mythical creatures on our screens.

Here are 15 of these mythical creatures we wish were real:

1. The Loch Ness Monster

mythical creatures we wish were real
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The Loch Ness Monster of Scotland is the mystery of Scotland – does the monster live in the murky waters of the loch? People have actually dedicated their lives to proving if the monster exists. You can visit a museum just outside Inverness that holds all the evidence that has been found so far.

Who knows what is lurking in those waters – Loch Ness Monster hunter sounds like a great job though.

mythical creatures we wish were real
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2. Mermaids

mythical creatures we wish were real
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The idea of mermaids has been around for centuries. Beautiful woman who live in the sea and guide sailors to their deaths. In more recent times mermaids have been adopted by the likes of Disney to make them friendlier. Or at least somewhat. We all remember the horrible mermaids in Peter Pan who tried to drown Wendy.

3. Unicorns

mythical creatures we wish were real
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Of all the mythical creatures, unicorns are perhaps the most popular. They’re cute, super-white and have those big, cool horns. In Harry Potter you could even use their tails hair as a wand core. Yes, unicorns are awesome. Why can’t they be real?

4. Vampire

mythical creatures we wish were real
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Vampires, despite their desire to kill humans, have always been popular amongst mortals. To stay young and pretty, who wouln’t want that? Vampires are very popular in the media with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Twilight and Vampire Diaries. Yes, we wish they were real. Even if they do plan on killing us all.

5. Phoenix

mythical creatures we wish were real
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The mythical bird that dies by bursting into flames and is reborn in the ashes. How cool is that? In Harry Potter, our favourite phoenix Fawkes, was incredibly loyal, had healing tears and could lift objects many times his weight.

6. Centaur

mythical creatures we wish were reak
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Half-man and half-horse, centaurs may be considered a little weird. But there’s no denying that there’s something majestic about them. Just imagine they were real, a trip to Asda on the bus beside a granny centaur. Now that would be interesting.

7. Basilisk

mythical creatures we wish were real
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Okay, maybe we don’t want a giant lizard that can kill you with just one look. But it’s still an impressive beast. Again utilised by Harry Potter, but imagine being in charge of your own basilisk to command?

8. Chimera

mythical creatures we wish were real
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Okay we certainly DO NOT want this creature. Yet is is so insane we can’t not mention it. The chimera is a creature that is part lion, part goat and part snake. Oh yeah and it breathes fire. You really don’t want to be meeting one of these.

9. Elf

mythical creatures we wish were real
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All elves are amazing. May it be house-elfs, Christmas elves or even those elves who live in the forest and are great at archery. Elves are cool, and we really want them to be real.

10. Griffen

mythical creatures we want to be real
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The Griffen has the head and wings of an eagle matched with the body of a lion. This creature was considered incredibly majestic due to the eagle being the king of birds and the lion the king of the jungle. In mythology it is considered the ruler of all animals and a creature that would guard great treasures.

11. Dragon

mythical creatures we wish were real
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Since seeing Game of Thrones we all want to be the Mother of Dragons. But we can’t be that without any dragons! It’s unlikely that any of us are going to sit in fire and nurse some eggs, but it would still be neat to see some dragons flying across our skies.

12. Werewolves

mythical creatures we wish were real
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They’re only bad maybe 2 or 3 days a month so why not have them around? Of course we’re thinking about the cute Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer rather than big nasty werewolves.

13. Ghosts

mythical creatures we wish were real
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Can you imagine having your dinner with some friendly ghosts? Just like in Casper or Harry Potter. That sounds pretty fun!

14. Hydra

mythical creatures that we wish were real
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If you’ve ever seen Hercules then you’ll be familiar with the hydra, a creature where you cut off it’s head and more grow back. They might not exist as a mythical creature but if you’re a fan of the Marvel films you’ll probably be familiar with the organisation of Hydra.

15. Sphinx

mythical creatures we wish were real
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A sphinx is the kind of woman creature to inspire better thinking. Why? Well a sphinx will ask you a riddle and if you don’t answer correctly she will kill you.

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