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19 Cats Who Don’t Care About Their Actions – I would Disown # 19

Cats might be very popular pets, but there is no denying they are also very, very naughty. But unlike dogs, who look very guilty and apologetic when they’ve done something bad, cats really don’t care about their actions.

In fact, in most cases, cats are rather proud of their bad behaviour. So much so that owners are now trying to shame their bad cats on the internet with cards listing their crimes. These 19 cats who don’t care about their actions below have been owner-shamed and… well they still don’t look the least bit guilty:

1. The cat who sneezed in grandma’s ashes

via Sunnyskyz.com

Oh the horror! Your poor grandma’s ashes is the last thing you want to be hoovering up.

2. The cat who pooped on the roommate’s trousers

via Oddstuffmagazine.com

You can really tell that Juno does not regret her actions. That poor owner having to tell the roommate…

3. The cat with expensive taste

via Cathallofshame.com

This cat is so not bothered about its actions that it decided to eat its shame card.

4. The cat who thinks caring is sharing

via Distractify.com

Or, perhaps, this kitty just wanted to have all the popcorn to itself.

5. The cat who partied too hard

via Boredpanda.com

This cat will probably regret its actions in the morning.

6. The cat who peed on the hamster

via Distractify.com

You have to wonder why, and how, this cat peed on the hamster. Poor, poor hamster. Hopefully he got a bath.

7. The cat who’s staging a dirty protest

via Oddstuffmagazine.com

This cat is so not bothered by its actions that it’s having a nap.

8.  You have to feel sorry for poor Arthur

via Cat-shaming.tumblr.com

Hopefully he’ll learn to take care when rampaging – probably not though.

9. The cat who is OCD about a clean litter tray

via Imgur.com

Not exactly what you want to find in your bed when you wake-up…

10. You really don’t want to annoy this cat

via Newsiosity.com

Not only is this cat not guilty about pooping on the rug; he looks distinctively smug.

11. This cat who wants to be a hunter, but doesn’t like getting his paws dirty

via Dumpaday.com

You’ve got to give this kitty credit – he’s clever enough to try and pass off roadkill as his own.

12. Diva by name and by nature!

via Sunnyskyz.com

Diva looks amused, but her poor owner must have been horrified.

13. The cat with the charger vendetta

via Catshaming.co.uk

You can only imagine how much money this owner spends on new chargers.

14. The cat who likes to scare

via Newsiosity.com

This kitty would make you fear walking around your own home, which is probably what she wanted!

15. The greedy, bully cat

via Dailymail.com

You have to feel sorry for the poor, black cat that gets her dinner stolen every night.

16. The cat who lulls visitors into a false sense of security

via Oddstuffmagazine.com

This cat sounds like it rather enjoys biting humans.

17. The cat who vomits in your favourite seat

via Oddstuffmagazine.com

This cat knew exactly what it was doing when it picked a place to puke.

18. The cat who embarrasses its owner

via Newsioity.com

Although this kitty is so cute the guests might just let it off.

19. The house destroyer

via Wehuntedthemammoth.com

You can tell this cat has no regard for any security deposit – human slaves should just make more money.

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Steph Cosway
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