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20 Hilarious and Nerdy Nail Designs for Every Nail Art Fan

We’re sick of seeing a basic French polish or plain colours, so we have found some of the coolest and somewhat nerdy nail art designs to inspire those that want to spruce up their fingers. This would be great for fancy dress, seasonal celebrations or even for an exciting everyday look.

Breaking Bad

These nails are very cool, with the reference to the huge series hit breaking bad, these 3d claws look incredible.

Breaking bad nails
Courtesy of Fashionablygeek.com


Recently moustaches have become very in fashion and on trend, but if you can’t grow your own why not paint them on your nails!

moustache nails
Courtesy of Missmalini.com

Ghost Busters

Who you going to call? These nails are sure to bust any ghosts and turn a few heads in the process!

ghostbusters nails
Courtesy of Inkyournail.com

Wonder Woman

Be a super hero with heroic nails in the style of wonder woman. These nails embrace a glitzy side with stars and gloss.

Courtesy of Tumblr.com

Angry Birds

If you’re well and truly addicted to the game then why not have nails to match as you play. These Angry birds nails are simple and fun.

angry birds nails
Courtesy of Randomization.com


Pikachu I choose you… for my nails! These yellow nails will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and look very cute.

Courtesy of Tumblr.com


Everybody loves minions so why have the closest thing possible to owning a minion by carrying them round on your finger nails everyday!

minion nails
Courtesy of Buzznet.com


These minimal monochrome nails are a classy looking take on a Disney nail design. These nails are fashionable but also neat and subtle.

disney nails
Courtesy of Pinterest,com

Winnie The Pooh

This nail design makes great use of the finger too, and looks very cute at the same time. These winnie and friends nails will look great for all ages (you’re never too old!).

winne nails
Courtesy of pinimg.com


These nails are the ultimate super hero nails. With the Marvel characters across your finger tips, you’ll be unstoppable.

Courtesy of ytimg.com

Pac Man

These are really easy to recreate and an unforgettable retro classic look.

pac man nails
Courtesy of Lovethispic.com

Super Mario

These super Mario nails are very cleverly designed. With the nails put together to form his face and spread apart to look like a neat pattern.

mario nails
Courtesy of thenerdfilter.com

Harry Potter

These minimal Harry Potter nails are beautiful. The minimal scar and glasses detail is simple but looks very effective.

harry potter nails
Courtesy of Pinimg.com

Captain America

These nails are the ultimate tribute to the hero that is Captain America.

captain america nails
Courtesy of Pinterest.com

The Big Bang Theory

These nails are very intricate and detailed, so maybe not an easy one to recreate but very worth it. These nails look amazing and show true dedication to the popular show.

big bang nails
Courtesy of Blogspot.com

Dr Who Nails

*queue theme tune* these nails are super simple but really cool. The timeless classic that is Dr Who will look timelessly good in nail form. Sparknotes.com

dr who nails
Courtesy of Sparknotes.com

Sponge Bob Square Pants

These nails are hilarious and feature our favourite characters from the guilty pleasure show that is, Sponge Bob Square Pants. So tuck into a crabby patty with these cute nails!

spongebob nails
Courtesy of Polyvore.com

Social Media

If you’re known to always be on your phone, updating your facebook status and watching videos on YouTube then these nails are great for you!

social nail
Courtesy of mshcdn.com

Zodiac Signs

These nails are slightly more tame and are subtle enough for everyday wear with a finer detail that only few will appreciate making them extra special. These nails are very pretty.

zodiac nail
Courtesy of Pinterest.com

Edward Scissor Nails

Courtesy of fashionablygeek.com

We love these creative scissor hands, with a long fake nail being cut into scissory shapes, it makes a great scissor hand look! However, these nails might not be very practical!


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