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Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Do you know who the highest paid actor is at the moment?

It is no secret that the men of Hollywood earn more than the women and this list shows just how much the top earners are taking home!

Mark Wahlberg $32m

Mark Wahlberg
Courtesy of eonline.com

Mark Wahlberg has made some very wise decisions with the movies that he has chosen to do and when he combines this with a successful TV career it’s no surprise that he is sitting at number 10 of this list.

Will Smith $32m

Will Smith
Courtesy of forbes.com

It seems that Will Smith can do no wrong. He has such a dedicated fan base that even if his movies aren’t great they are still likely to make money. With a certainty like that it is understandable that studios are happy to pay Will to star in their movies.

Christian Bale $35m

Christian Bale
Courtesy of christianpost.com

The man that last played Batman is still on this list and so things look bright for Ben Affleck. Christian Bale has been nominated for two Oscars and proves that there is life after super heroes.

Ben Affleck $35m

Ben Affleck
Courtesy of usatoday.com

Not everyone was happy when Ben Affleck was announced to take over the role of Batman and people were very quick to say so. However, Warner Bros. have made Ben’s place on this list secure with not just one, but multiple Batman movies lined up for him.

Liam Neeson $36m

Liam Neeson
Getty images

Liam Neeson may be a bit of a surprise on this list. He isn’t an actor that is seen everywhere but his movies, especially the Taken films, are definitely money makers.

Chris Hemsworth $37m

Chris Hemsworth
Courtesy of usatoday.com

Chris Hemsworth is another actor who owes his fortune to a Marvel franchise. Thor has seen his earnings rise but rather than sitting back and enjoying it he is finding other projects to work on.

Leonardo DiCaprio $39m

Leonardo DiCaprio
Courtesy of playbuzz.com

Even though the Oscars consistently overlook Leonardo DiCaprio as a winner, his bank balance isn’t looking too bad. He has taken risks like starring in The Wolf of Wall Street (he cut his upfront fee in case the movie was a flop) but on the whole it’s sure thing that a DiCaprio movie is going do well.

Bradley Cooper $46m

Bradley Cooper
Courtesy of YouTube

Bradley Cooper’s success can be attributed to his ability to carry roles in both huge franchises, such as the Hangover movies, and also smaller movies like Silver Linings Playbook. He has also lent his voice to animations and bagged a couple of Oscar nominations.

Dwayne Johnson $52m

Dwayne Johnson
Courtesy of wegotthiscovered.com

Dwayne Johnson has come far since his days as The Rock. With recent films such as Hercules and San Andreas under his belt, Johnson has also made the move to TV, which is contributing to his massive earnings.

Robert Downey Jr $75m

Robert Downey Jr
Courtesy of fanpop.com

Marvel has not always been generous in what they pay their actors but when it comes to Robert Downey Jr they seem to know they are definitely onto a winner. The Iron Man franchise has made Downey Jr a very wealthy man.


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