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Some British Laws Sound Strange To Foreigners

You will be shocked that these laws still exist!

  1. Don’t die in Parliament!

    via distractify.com
    via distractify.com

    Apparently it is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament. This was voted the stupidest law in the UK a few years ago and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it unenforceable due to the perpetrator being dead, it doesn’t really act as a deterrent. There can’t be many people plotting the crime of dying in Parliament.

  1. Salmon under suspicious circumstances?

    via theverge.com
    via theverge.com

    According to the Salmon Act 1986 it is illegal to handle salmon in ‘suspicious circumstances’. Obviously this relates to the buying and selling of illicit fish, however, the way the law is worded makes it sound like a crazy law to be in place.

  1. Not all weird laws are old and outdated!

    via suarts.tumblr.com
    via suarts.tumblr.com

    The 2005 Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 makes it an offence to leave your property with a burglar alarm activated unless you have a ‘key-holder’ who can turn it off for you whilst you are away. How many people break this rule every summer?

  1. Keep your carpets and rugs in doors!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of sovereignhilledblog.com

    The Metropolitan Police Act 1839 has contained many crazy laws, most of which have been repealed. However, one that remains means that if you beat or shake a carpet or rug in the streets of the Metropolitan Police District you could be arrested!

  1. Washing lines could lead to arrest!

    A washing line in Maida Vale, London, 1978. (Photo by Jurgen Schadeberg/Getty Images)
    Photo by Jurgen Schadeberg/Getty Images

    A further law under the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 yet to be repealed is that which makes it illegal to put up a washing line across any ‘thoroughfares’ in the city.

  1. Knock and Run!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of YouTube

    Not just an annoying children’s game but an illegal offence under the rather strict, Metropolitan Police Act 1839.

  1. Keep your cannons at a safe distance!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

    It is illegal to fire a cannon within 300 yards of a dwelling according to the Metropolitan Police Act 1867.

  1. Arrested for planking?

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still ExistedNo, you won’t be arrested for doing the ‘planking’ exercise. However, you could still be arrested for walking along the pavement carrying a plank, courtesy of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839.

  1. Drunk in a pub?

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

    Not if you don’t want to be arrested. The Licensing Act 1872 makes it an offence to be drunk on any licensed premises, including a pub. The more recent laws held under the Licencing Act 2003 also make it an offence to sell to or obtain alcohol for someone who is already drunk.

  1. Farmers beware!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of geography.org.uk

    Due to a law created by the Metropolitan Street Act 1867 it is an offence to drive cattle down a roadway between 10am and 7pm without first getting permission from the Commissioner of Police.

  1. Crazy licensing laws!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of southwales-eveningpost.co.uk

    The Licensing Act 1872 makes it an offence to be drunk in charge of a horse, a carriage, a cow or a steam engine. These may seem like crazy laws but to be honest they are probably quite sensible. Who wants a drunk person in charge of a horse?!

  1. Don’t try to get a taxi if you have the plague!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of claremontexporess.co.uk

    The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 makes it an offence for any person with a notifiable disease, such as plague, to enter a taxi without notifying the driver of their condition. A taxi driver may agree to still take the diseased person if they disinfect their taxi afterwards.

  1. No jumping the queue!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

    Everyone hates a queue jumper but very few of us know that when in the Tube ticket hall it is an offence to not join the end of a queue. Think about that next time someone steps in front of you in a queue.

  1. Destroy but don’t deface!

    15 Crazy Laws You Never Knew Still Existed
    Courtesy of todayifoundout.com

    It is actually not illegal to destroy a banknote, however, it is illegal to print, stamp or write on one under the Currency and Banknotes Act 1928. When it comes to coins it is another matter. The Coinage Act 1971 makes it an offence to destroy a metal coin that has been current in the UK since 1969 (unless permission has been given by the Treasury).

Don’t suppose you have been a culprit?


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