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These Real Life Disturbing Pieces of Audio Will Have You Truly Terrified

Halloween is getting closer and closer and something we all love to do around Halloween is stay in and watch scary videos. But what if the movies we were watching were of real life events? That makes everything a whole lot scarier. In fact, some of the following videos on this list are truly disturbing and we would like to warn people about that beforehand. These videos you are now about to see will have you really shaking in your boots and horrified that real situations and real people like this have ever existed. So hold onto your armchair, get under a throw and get ready to watch some truly horrifying videos.

The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel (skip to around 2:00)

The idea of exorcisms is truly horrifying, if they’re anything like what we see in the films then we definitely don’t want to be involved in any. In this video you’ll listen to audio clips from the exorcism of Anneliese Michel. It’s a horrifying thing to listen to as she speaks what appears to be a completely different language.

The Calls of The Weepy-voiced Killer

Back in the 1980s there was a serial killer called Paul Michael Stephens who went on a spree of killing people and then crying about the murder down the phone to the police as if he was truly sorry. It’s disturbing that he’d kill in the first place but the fact he felt bad enough to weep down the phone every time he did it is truly scary.

Speech from Saturn? (skip to 1:30)

Ever wondered if there were aliens from other planets? Well this video lets you listen to some audio that scientists have gathered from the planet Saturn. As you can hear there is some kind of speech being said, obviously not in a language we speak but it definitely appears to be some form of communicative noises.

The Terrifying 911 Call from Jake Evans

This call is from a boy called Jake Evans who has just killed his mother and his sister. What’s so scary about that? Listen! His voice is way too calm and unbothered by the whole situation for anyone with any ounce of sanity. It’s a truly disturbing phone call because he expresses no emotion abut having just killed his family.

Columbine High School Massacre 911 Call

In 1999, Columbine High School suffered a horrible massacre that left many children dead and more wounded. This is the 911 call from one of the teachers at the school called Patti Neilsen. It’s horrifying to hear her fear as she’s right in the middle, trying to save the kids around her.

The Spongebob Theme Song Played 800x Slower

Something a little more lighthearted now. This is merely the well-known Spongebob Squarepants theme tune played 800x slower. It’s actually horrifically scary and may in fact not be lighthearted enough for some of you.

Horrifying Night Stalker Answering Machine Message

This is truly scary. The Night Stalker was a killer between 1979 and 1986 who murdered ten people. The following audio message is a call that police believe is the true voice of the killer left on one of his victim’s answering machines before he eventually killed them.

First Ever Recorded Voice

WHat’s supposed to be a monumental moment when the first ever voice was recorded back in the 1860s turns into quite a disturbing moment. Obviously there’s nothing scary going on here but the awful quality of the recording makes it sound like something a lot worse than it is.

The Call From Nicole Brown Simpson

Everyone has heard of the attempted murder case involving O.J. Simpson in which there has been much evidence but simply no proof enough to suggest that O.J. was actually guilty. However, this phone call was used in evidence and is surely terrifying enough to be worthy enough of his guilt?

Ruth Price 911 Call Before Death

This is a truly truly horrible audio message. This is of a woman called Ruth Price ringing the police saying there’s a weird man walking around her residence. Little does she know that he’s there to kill her, which unfortunately┬ácan all be heard on this phone call.


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