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30 Noble Acts During COVID 19 Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

People have been doing great while doing several acts of chivalry and helping the ones in need. There are simple things which you can do to help others. We have made a list of such noble acts that are chivalrous and knightly done during COVID 19 crisis.

#1 Pay It Forward

#2 JJ Watts is a saint…Proof

#3 Cute lil girl did something incredibly larger than life

#4 Newtons are always a great help to humanity

#5 The ring story

#6 Great way to help lovedones

#7 Great Sir

#8 Nicely done

#9 Humanity

#10 Beer and Burritos

#11 This is incredible. Those who have less are always ahead to give

#12 This barber is a kindhearted person on the planet

#13 Awesome

#14 What could be better than this, seriously

#15 Dogs are great at it

#16 This is cutest chivalry and the kid is a SUPER HERO

#17 Pizza Hut proved that

#18 Anyone of us could do this. But this person took the lead

#19 Kids have followed the right path

#20 Jason Haney you are Honey

#21 Kindness

#22 Denny’s the cat

#23 Act of chivalry in a nutshell

#24 Disney

#25 People are awesome

#26 Nothing more could be done than this standards of kindness

#27 Knights exist today…here is the proof

#28 Mark Hamill is a real nice guy

#29 Super Sikhs

#30 Super dad

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