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Bet These 8 Halloween Couple Costumes Will Win You the Show

With the night of frights quickly approaching, it’s important that you get make sure you have yourself a costume sorted out. Some will be heading out on their own this year, but for many the annual holiday is an excuse to highlight their ingenuity by inventing a costume that includes both them and their partner. These costumes will often go beyond a simple reference to a Hollywood couple or the duo in the new blockbuster and often tread into the world of the slightly bizarre. Here is a top ten list of Halloween costumes we think all couples should be giving a go this year.


Courtesy of stylenfame.com
Courtesy of stylenfame.com

Something of a staple in pop culture at this point, the relationship between Tom Hanks’ character and his volleyball has been widely parodied. At this point, most people will understand the reference when you turn up dressed like this and the good side is the costumes also work away each other. You can even scream “Wilson!” across the room whenever you want to get the attention of your significant other.

“Bun In The Oven”

Courtesy of costume-works.com
Courtesy of costume-works.com

Got a special announcement to make? Want to give your friends a shock? Then you should definitely use this costume this Halloween. There’s no better way to get the word out there than this brilliant little costume.

American Gothic

Courtesy of brit.co
Courtesy of brit.co

This is one of the most recognised painting in the modern world, meaning that this little costume really shouldn’t go over anybody’s head. It also shouldn’t be that hard to get the materials together to get this one looking good. That being said, I don’t envy whoever decides they’ll be carrying the frame for most of the night.

Bob Ross (& painting)

Courtesy of minimalisti.com
Courtesy of minimalisti.com

If you don’t know who Bob Ross is, please do yourself a favour and youtube him right now. He’s sadly dead now but his show on painting is quite possibly the most calming thing ever recorded. He’s known for his insanely detailed drawing of landscapes, meaning that one of you can go as the masterpiece while the other dons an afro wig and tackles an impersonation of the late Ross.


Courtesy of pinimg.com
Courtesy of pinimg.com

Another widely recognised film, one that may work better on the younger generations. This costume fits a young couple going to a house party, but make sure that people know you’re not really pregnant once the booze starts to flow!

Breaking Bad

Courtesy of imgur.com
Courtesy of imgur.com

Breaking Bad is one of the biggest cultural phenomenons of the past decade, spawning an insanely huge fandom. It’s also a series that is filled with numerous markers fans have picked up on, along with the trademark blue meth. This one is a costume for a pair who can be bothered to scrub up the money and time to gather materials.

Censored Sims

Courtesy of pinimg.com
Courtesy of pinimg.com

Even people who don’t regularly play games have played The Sims. This costume takes a jokey swipe at the use of grainy censorship when your Sim goes to the toilet or has a shower. Along with the little green icon above their heads, this costume is a great one.

Guess Who

Courtesy of blogspot.com
Courtesy of blogspot.com

One of the most popular games, Guess Who played a big part in my childhood especially. This is a low effort costume that people will understand straight away that still has a level of humour to it. I’ll even let you pretend you came up with this one on your own.

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