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9 Times Celebrities Dressed Up As Other Celebrities In 2020

Who doesn’t love dressing up? Many of us look to our favourite celebrities in 2020 for inspiration when it comes to deciding who to dress up as. Many celebrities do the same and end up going out looking just like their fellow famous faces. Here are 9 examples of celebrities dressing up as other celebrities. A lot of effort clearly went into some of the costumes, which are frankly quite impressive indeed.

  1. Ellie Goulding as Dolly Parton

celebs as other celebs 2020
via Vogue.co.uk

Ellie dressed up as the country music queen for the 2017 amfAR’s Fabulous Fund Fair in NYC, a Halloween party held to raise funds for improving the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents.

2. Paris Hilton as Miley Cyrus

via Wmagazine.com

Miley’s racy antics hit the headlines in 2013 and many decided to dress up as the notorious former Disney star for Halloween. One of them was Paris Hilton, who recreated Miley’s costume for her controversial VMAs performance with Robin Thicke.

3. Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton

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via Spin.com

Vocal Hillary Clinton supporter Katy Perry dressed up as her preferred presidential candidate for Halloween 2016, only for Donald Trump to soon beat Clinton to the top spot just over a week later.

4. Katy Perry as Freddie Mercury

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via Vogue.co.uk

Katy’s also a huge fan of the late Freddie Mercury. Here she is dressed up as him for her 24th birthday party in LA nine years ago.

5. Taylor Lautner as Ryan Lochte

celebrities as other celebs 2020
via Usmagazine.com

For Halloween 2016, Taylor decided to go as Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte, who earlier that year had hit the headlines for falsely claiming he and several teammates had been robbed at gunpoint while in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics.

6. Ellen Degeneres as Sia

via Popsugar.com

Halloween 2016 saw chat show host Ellen dress up as the notoriously private Sia, complete with the trademark wig hiding her face.

7. Jack Whitehall as Harry Styles

via Celebsnow.co.uk

Jack was hosting the 2015 Royal Variety Performance and dressed up as One Direction member Harry Styles for a brief skit after the group’s performance.

8. Beyonce and Blue Ivy as Janet and Michael Jackson

via Wmagazine.com

Beyonce and her daughter Blue decided to dress up as Janet and Michael Jackson respectively for Halloween 2015. The two wore their costumes to Power 105.1’s Powerhouse event in New York City, where Beyonce’s husband and Blue’s father Jay Z was performing.

9. Miley Cyrus as Nicki Minaj

via Vogue.co.uk

For Halloween 2012, Miley decided to dress up as none other than rapper Nicki Minaj.

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