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Animals Commit Suicide & 7 Other Bizarre Animal Behaviours Science Can’t Explain These 7

Animals are weird, there’s no denying it. Just like humans, animals do some freaky things that scientists just can’t explain.

Here are some of the weirdest animal behaviours out there:

Cows Only Eat In Certain Directions

via Telegraph.co.uk
via Telegraph.co.uk

Up until recently we all just thought cows ate randomly. But once we all started using Google Earth, German scientists noticed that cows tend to eat while facing north. It seems that cows can detect the planet’s magnetic fields and that’s why they eat facing north. Apparently cows have always done this and we’ve just not noticed.

Animal Suicides

animal behaviour
via Wikipedia.org

Just like humans, animals can also commit suicide. This is a bizarre animal behaviour as generally animals are desperate to live, however there have been instances where cows have jumped off cliffs and even mass number of squids which have beached themselves to die. There’s even a place in America where birds dive bomb into the ground killing themselves every year.

Herbivores Who Kill

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via Sickchirpse.com

Herbivores don’t eat meat, so when you get stories of herbivores killing and eating other animals it is definitely an odd animal behaviour. One Indian man discovered that his cow had killed over 50 of his chickens. Apparently cows will turn to eating birds if they can’t get certain minerals – such as phosphorus and calcium – from their grassy diets.

Chimpanzees Go To War

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via Maggiemcneill.wordpress.com

If it wasn’t creepy enough that chimps engage in cannibalism, it also appears that they engage in war. And we’re not just talking about fighting animal behaviour. Chimpanzees show signs similar to humans with war tactics and certain apes having certain jobs. Perhaps Planet of the Apes isn’t that far-fetched.

Animals Can Predict Earthquakes

animal behaviour
via Localsonly401.com

According to the U.S. Geological Study it is thought that most, if not all, animals can sense an earthquake before it happens. Some animals might even be able to predict an earthquake as much as a week before the event. You’ll see animals fleeing an area if they think – everything from birds to bugs.

It was recorded as far back in 373 BC Greece it was recorded that creatures such as rats and weasels were fleeing before an Earthquake. The weirdest part? Scientists have absolutely no idea why animals can sense earthquakes when humans can’t.

Blue Whales Are Getting Deeper Voices

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via Earthwindow.com

Back in the sixties scientists recorded the song of the blue whales – some years later a scientist decided to study these whale songs over the years. It was then a discovery was made, blue whales are getting deeper voices. This wouldn’t be so weird if it was just a few years but it appears that every single blue whale is getting a deeper voice. Think of it like every human slowly getting a voice akin to Barry White over the years. And nobody has any idea why it is happening.

Ants Are Smarter When in a Large Group

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via Pestworldforkids.com

It’s a bizarre notion to think of, but it appears to be true: one ant alone seems to be incredibly stupid. By putting ants in a large group their collective intelligence increases making them all smarter. This is useful to ants as it allows them to decided when and where to stop, when to leave an area and will regulate their temperature as a whole. Apparently this animal behaviour is part of a theory known as swarm theory which is also seen in creatures like bees. In swarm theory animals will see what their peers are doing and copy the behaviour of those around them and become like one large collective brain.

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