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15 Best Male Hero Role Models

Heroes and Superheroes are always the coolest in the movie, they’re the ones that you see the biggest character change from or the resilience of heroism. They’re often the character that makes sure that the mission or end goal is always met no matter what circumstances they come under. So here is a list of 15 of the coolest, sometimes badass superheroes 2020 and heroes that you should look up to as role models.

1. Batman

batman 2020
Via herogamesworld.com

Batman is one of the biggest heroes for anyone at the moment having had many movies released in the past decade that have really brought the super rich Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego to our eyes and made us realise just how resilient he is. Especially the storyline in which he’s put in the pit and he has to get out to save his beloved Gotham from Bane completely destroying it.

2. Robin

joker vs robin 2020
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Some would argue that Batman would be nothing without Robin. Maybe Robin is seen more of an extra or a sidekick, but his role in Dark Knight Rises was portrayed wisely. He’s often seen as the kid who’s a little foolish but, no matter what, will always try and help Batman and will often be a key factor in the final positive ending.

3. Superman

new superman game 2020
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Superman is another one of those behemoths of heroism. He was one of the very first is still one of the very best. Despite the fact he obviously has the power to instantly destroy anything that he comes up against, it’s what he stands for that’s heroic. Superman has ALWAYS stood for pride of Earth and puts everything he has into ensuring Metropolis at least is safe from danger at all times.

4. Darth Vader

darth vader in new star wars
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Now, Darth Vader may not be the first name that pops to your head when you think of hero. However, he did kill the Emperor and save the galaxy from inevitable turmoil. Oh, plus he’s one of the coolest and most favoured villains of all time.

5. Iron Man

iron man in black widow 2020
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Iron Man is just cool, there’s no point arguing against that fact. Iron Man has always been represented as the leader of The Avengers despite being the joker and the character who doesn’t take it all too seriously. Plus, he’s hella rich meaning he can always afford the latest coolest technology for himself and The Avengers.

6. Captain America

captain america 2020
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If there was ever a superhero who was a role model for kids it would Captain America. In fact a lot of his early storylines are based around dong great deeds for America and saving kids and promoting positive ideals. With super strength, super-healing and, without a doubt, the coolest shield of all heroes, he’s a great role model for anybody.

7. Spider-man

Via spiderman.wikia.com
Via spiderman.wikia.com

Spiderman is another hero who is going to receive a movie reboot in the next couple of years and, once again, will be a great role model for everyone. Spiderman is one of the few younger superheroes who doesn’t have a mentor and as a result has had to learn all the lessons by himself through hard work and determination.

8. Harry Potter

harry potter 2020
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Harry Potter is definitely a hero, no doubting that. And he’s also definitely a role model for any aspiring witches or wizards out there. Throughout the whole series Harry Potter defies reasoning, logic and defies almost anything that should happen. As a result he builds up a following like no other and wages war against the most powerful wizard that has ever lived and wins.

9. Samwise Gamgee


Frodo may be the main protagonist in Lord of the Rings but there’s no doubting that he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did without the help of his best friend Samwise Gamgee. Sam helps Frodo control his will against the ring, he questions Golem when he begins to become suspicious and he builds up courage like no other Hobbit when his best friend needs him.

10. Star Lord

star lord 2020
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Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the surprise Marvel films, being one of the lesser known comic book series, it was released to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Star Lord is the star of the show alongside obviously Groot. Star Lord possessed what could be argued ignorance and naivety but what often would turn out to be intelligence and smart thinking. Plus he’s funny as heck!

11. Han Solo

hansolo 2020
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Han Solo is without a doubt one of the coolest protagonists in any movie and has built a massive following to a point where he’s been given his own spin-off movie. Han Solo was famous for being the wise-cracking, funny member of the Star Wars crew. He started off the original film with ulterior motives that then lead to real heroism to save his friends in dire need.

12. Luke Skywalker

hero role models 2020
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However, the main protagonist was Luke Skywalker. Luke showed incredible bravery, going up against the strongest wielder of the Dark Side that the galaxy has ever known. Once finding out that he was his father, it took ever more strength and will power to eventually leave him almost finished.

13. Indiana Jones

Via io9.com
Via io9.com

Obviously played by the same actor as Han Solo, Indiana Jones has some fairly similar characteristics to the Space-based protagonist. Indiana Jones offers up a similar cheeky side, has an interest in women and has a desire for danger. He sometimes may seem harsh on those around him, but deep down he’s still a great guy who any young lad would be proud to replicate.

14. Shrek

Via community.usvsth3m.com
Via community.usvsth3m.com

Hero? Shrek? Huh? Well, think about it… just how much did you love Shrek as a kid? The Ogre who was banished from most fairytale villages and hated everything about people. Yet after meeting arguably the funniest donkey in cinema, he becomes a kind-hearted selfless creature who falls in love with a Princess.

15. Wolverine

Via screenrant.com
Via screenrant.com

Are there many more badass characters in film than Wolverine? Hugh Jackman has taken the role and absolutely smashed it. There’s no doubting that Wolverine has some of the coolest powers, self-healing, sharp knives out of his knuckles and bones made of adamantium. Always the hero, always the father figure and always the coolest guy in any movie.


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