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Best TV Shows to Stream on Netflix Right Now – Don’t Miss #3

There’s a seemingly endless amount of television shows streaming on Netflix at the moment, so we thought we’d try and handpick the ones that deserve your undivided attention first. While we’re probably only scratching the surface, this is an eclectic collection that covers comedy, drama and non-fiction, so there should be something for everybody here. Here are the best TV shows to stream on Netflix right now.


The brain child of cult American comedian Louis CK, the New York native created this show by himself, as well as writing and directing every single episode of its five series so far. The episodes don’t follow any traditional kind of narrative arc and tend to fly off in the most creative and unique direction possible, making for great watching. Playing himself as he juggles joint custody of two ridiculously cute daughters, failed relationships and a rocky comedy career, Louis CK puts on a tremendous performance and explores aspects of life that aren’t often portrayed on any sized screens.

Both heart touchingly real and wonderfully surreal within the same 20 minute periods, this is truly a television show like no other.

The best tv shows to stream on Netflix right now
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House Of Cards

The premise is simple. Kevin Spacey plays Frank Underwood, an influential figure in the US democratic party who will do whatever is necessary to rise to the top of the political rankings. Regularly breaking the fourth wall and informing the viewer about various aspects of his dark and diabolical schemes to achieve political success, we get to follow Frank as he battles nosy journalists and intelligent rivals on his quest for power. Prepare yourself for ruthless tactics, sharp dialogue, incredibly well developed characters and a few twists and turns you’ll really never be able to predict. Don’t be put off by the political vibe, this is more like gladiators battling it out in the colosseum.

The best tv shows to stream on Netflix right now
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F Is For Family

Animated it is, but for kids it certainly isn’t. From the mind of comedian Bill Burr (the ginger guy who ocasionaly pops up in breaking bad), this cartoon focuses on Frank Murphy and his dysfunctional family in 1970’s American suburbia. While attempting to balance the job he hates with three out of control kids and a housewife beginning to lose her marbles due to boredom, Frank definitely has his work cut out for him. Hilariously off the wall with whole episodes that can revolve around something as mundane as buying a new TV or taking your kid to work, the show has a sharp and unique perspective on working class life in 1970’s America. Oh, and it’s ridiculously funny.

The best tv shows to stream on Netflix right now
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Making A Murderer

We couldn’t leave this one off the list for fear of being condemned by the online community. Unless you haven’t stepped outside in a while or have been living in a cave for the past couple of months, you’ve almost certainly heard about this show. Actually, that’s an understatement because people won’t shut up about it. The 10 part series follows the story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man who served 18 years in prison for an attempted murder that he was finally exonerate of in 2003. But with another arrest in 2005 for a new crime, the lines between truth and reality becoming disturbingly blurred and a story slowly unfolds that’ll blow you away.

The Netflix series has been compared to the incredibly popular podcast Serial for it’s ability to gradually unveil a real life narrative in a dramatic and episodic fashion. It’s a truly innovative piece of work that you should feast your eyeballs on as soon as possible.

The best tv shows to stream on Netflix right now
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At first glance, this appears to be a cheap knock off of Louie CK’s formula, especially considering the fact that the two comedians have a long and somewhat complicated relationship. While not as fiercely diverse and groundbreaking as Louie’s show, Maron follows the gloriously bitter and exaggerated comedian Marc Maron as he interviews big stars for his hugely popular WTF podcast and battles the day to day of single life. Bursting with clever humour and regular pockets of middle aged wisdom, it’s an incredibly easy show to binge out on if you’re looking for something a little zany and outlandish. 

The best tv shows to stream on Netflix right now
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