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12 of the Best Wimbledon Moments OF ALL TIME! – #5 will Make You So Happy

Wimbledon fortnight is upon us and what better way to fill a rain delay than by looking at some of the finest moments that have ever happened during the tournament.

It’s always guaranteed that the weather will be rubbish – so why not sit back, relax and look at some of the greatest events during the last few years of the world’s greatest tennis event.

From Britain’s own Andy Murray through to a marriage proposal that surprised Steffi Graf, Voolas presents some fine SW19 related entertainment for you.

Start on a high with Andy Murray’s 2013 victory

Was there a finer sporting moment for the British sports fan than this. We’d waited over 70 years and Murray finally did it. Not a dry eye in the house and one of the most glorious weekends ever for tennis fans.

2008 final between Federer and Nadal

It was late, it was dark on centre court and we were witness to a dream match that went right down to the wire, between two of the loveliest gentlemen in sport. What a wonderful, unforgettable match.

The last all British final

This is a delightful watch – the last time we had an all British women’s final – 55 years ago, between Christine Truman and Angela Mortimer. We next had a British winner at the Queen’s Jubilee year in 1977 with Virginia Wade.

Sampras versus Agassi – 1999

These two gents couldn’t have been more different in style, tone and temperament – but what an absolute joy to watch when they matched up. One of tennis’ greatest ever double acts.

Steffi Graf gets a marriage proposal

And she responded with aplomb. We salute you!

Quickest ever final

via Mirror

One of the quickest ever finals – Fred Perry versus Baron von Gottfried in 1936 – made in a record 45 minutes. Can you imagine that happening now?

Basically anything with Mansur Bahrami and Henri Leconte in it

These two guys are just genius – they may not play on the main tour anymore, but their late night doubles matches are always an absolute joy and spectacle to watch.

You cannot be serious

That ball was in!!!!

80s Borg and McEnroe Magic

Some 80s magic – again another great rivalry. Bjorn Borg was one of the biggest sports stars of the 70s and here he met a tempestuous young upstart in McEnroe. A classic final that’s worth reliving

Boris Becker becomes the Youngest ever champion

It’s hard to believe this was 31 years ago and from a time when Germany was still divided. But Boris Becker was a worthy, young champion. And now of course we know him as being Novak Djokovic’s coach.

Virgina Wade wins for Britain in 1977

The last time a woman won for the UK was in 1977 – Virginia Wade had beaten Betty Stove to take the title in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee year. It could have been another all British final – but Sue Barker had been beaten narrowly in the semi-finals.

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