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You Won’t Control Your Tears After Watching This Lab Bear Celebrating In This Video

Often we turn a blind eye to things that have been animal tested as what we can’t see, we ignore. But it is about time for some change as this amazing video of a saved bear shows just how happy the poor animals that are suffering will be if they are freed for a happier life than to be tested on, abused and hurt just at humans dispense!

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

Meet Tuffy the big brown bear who was rescued in September 2015 from a bile farm. The bile farm literally did what the titles suggests and kept innocent animals to harvest the bile from the animals livers, in this case, Tuffy the bear, through an extremely painful process so that the bile can be used in traditional Chinese medicine. The medicinal practices that require the bile are not even scientifically supported so the pain these poor animals are in could all be for nothing.


However, in this happier case, Tuffy was rescued and relocated to Tam Dao Rescue Center where it has taken him all these months to finally relax and realize that he is in a happy environment where people are no longer his enemies and want to care for him instead. In this video, we can see the sheer euphoria Tuffy is finally feeling having realised this as he plays in the water tank and splashes around without a care in the world. The happiness in this video really is infectious and is sure to put a smile on just about anyone’s face! This is no wonder it has gone viral and had over 181,000 views.

via animalasia.com
via animalasia.com

Even though this is a really happy case of freedom and you can clearly see how happy Tuffy now is, there is still animals out there that are deeply unhappy and caged away. This video definitely shows that the animals do have feelings and these types of testing and cruelty do affect them both mentally and physically. Tuffy is now a happy bear and is leading a peaceful and well deserved relaxing life, but whilst you enjoy this video take a moment to think about the other animals that haven’t been as lucky as Tuffy.






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