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The 12 Biggest Makeup Mistakes You Keep On Making – And How to Fix Them!

Have you ever spent hours applying your makeup, only for it to look fake and cakey? Do you follow makeup tutorials to a T, only for it to look nothing like the model on the screen? Before you reach for that paper bag, take a look at these vital mistakes you might be making when dolling yourself up! Achieving the perfect complexion may be easier than you think!

Mistake #1. Over-moisturizing.

Yes, moisturizing your face is important as it repairs and hydrates your skin, but the key is to apply a light coating it at least 30 minutes before you put on your makeup. If you pile on a lot of moisturizer and then use a liquid foundation, it will make your face too oily and the makeup will slip right off! Think of your face as a canvas – you wouldn’t paint on a wet surface, would you?

Mistake #2. Using the wrong undertone.

You’ve probably heard the hype about choosing makeup with the right undertone for your skin type, but there are still so many people that are wearing the wrong foundation! This is one the key reasons to makeup looking unnatural, so you must always make sure you try before you buy. Those with a cool skin tone need to use a pink based foundation, while those with a warm skin tone need to use a yellow based foundation. Some brands, such as L’Oreal True Match, also offer neutral tones for those who are unsure or want to balance out their complexion.

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Mistake #3. Assuming all ‘nude’ lipsticks are the same.

As with your foundation, your lipstick should also match you skin tone. Many people assume that a product labelled ‘nude’ will undoubtedly suit them, but this isn’t the case. A lot of nude lipsticks are light beige in colour, but there are many women that have light pink or dark brown lips. The trick is to make sure your nude lipstick matches your lip colour exactly no matter what the label says, otherwise you could end up looking washed out.

Mistake #4. Thinking everything will suit you.

We’re all guilty of following YouTube tutorials to try and get the look of our favourite celebrity or model. But the fact is, there are some trends that aren’t going to be very flattering to you. For example, if you have small deep set eyes, you’re not going to suit heavy black eye makeup, since it will make them look even smaller! The best thing to do would be to look at the celebrities who share similar features and see how they use makeup to their advantage.

Mistake #5. Dark lighting.

Have you ever applied your makeup in your bedroom thinking it looks perfect, only to look in your bathroom mirror only to find you have mascara all over your eyelids and more blusher than Coco the clown? The importance of a well-lit room can’t be stressed enough, as this is the reflection that everyone else will see when you walk outside.

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Mistake #6. Buying cheap products.

In the long run, it is always better to splash out a bit more on products you’re actually going to stick with, rather than spending your money on lots of crappy eye-shadows and lip liners that you’re going to replace in a few weeks!

Mistake #7. HD eyebrows.

via allureboutiquesalon.com
via allureboutiquesalon.com

Yes, Hi-Definition eyebrows were all the rage a couple of years ago, but now people are starting to realize that eyebrows that resemble windscreen wipers are not that attractive. If your brows are the first thing someone notices on your face, you’re doing it wrong!

Mistake #8. Contouring too often.

Contouring is an amazing technique – no one will argue with that! But it doesn’t mean you have to be in full face-sculpting mode every time you’re sat at your dressing table. Contouring is best saved for special occasions, so if you’re just going to the movies with your friends or nipping out to get groceries, skip the contouring and simply highlight the areas you need to for a more natural complexion.

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Mistake #9. Overdrawn lips.

Whether your lips are big or small, wide or narrow, they are the size they were meant to be. If you try to plump your lips too much, they won’t suit your face shape – that’s a fact. Hell, even Kendall Jenner thinks her sister Kylie’s lips are too big! So if you want to make your lips look better, try focusing on overdrawing just the outer corners instead.

Mistake #10. Using too much powder.

Some people make the mistake of using just as much pressed powder as they do liquid foundation. Truth is, a light coating of powder should be used to set your foundation, but any more than that and it will make your face look cakey and heavy.

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Mistake #11. Dark face, pale neck.

We’ve already talked about the importance of matching your foundation to your skin tone, but if you happen to be using a shade darker, you must remember to apply it to your neck and jaw area as well, otherwise you’ll look mismatched.

Mistake #12. Wearing lipstick with dry lips.

via blog.redapplelipstick.com
via blog.redapplelipstick.com

Unfortunately, lipstick doesn’t disguise chapped or dry lips, so it’s very important to make sure your lips are in tip-top condition before you wear any kind of matte lipstick. Try regularly using a lip scrub and chapstick for a while to get them in good condition. In the meantime, use a lip-gloss or, if you must wear lipstick, use one with a satin finish.


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