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12 Guilty Dogs So Cute You’ll Forget How Naughty They Are

When you come home and see that guilty look on your dog’s face, you just know that they’ve done something pretty naughty. The problem is, these guilty dogs are so cute that you won’t want to give them into trouble.

Here are some of our favourite guilty dogs:

1. Who tore all the tissues out the box?

guilty dogs
via Gifsboom.net

We don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out which of these guilty dogs is the criminal behind the tissue incident. You’ve got to be impressed with the first dog who all but points a paw at his brother – what a snitch!

2. This dog who hates noses

guilty dogs
via Amazon.com

At least this guilty dog is consistent in his hatred of noses. Maybe he just wanted all his hedgehogs to have a nose like him! He probably didn’t need to turn to nose brutality though…

3. This time the dog did eat her homework

guilty dogs
via Barkpost.com

As far as guilty dogs go, this dog should definitely be ashamed. This poor girl probably got laughed away when she told her teacher that her dog ate her homework.

4. Don’t think this dog will get away with blaming the cat

guilty dogs
via Pokethebear.com

This boxer is the King of the guilty dogs. The poor thing looks like he could have been stuck on the blinds for hours.

5. The overenthusiastic cleaner dog

guilty dogs
via Pinterest.com

Maybe he thought his owner would like a spotty carpet! Or perhaps he was trying to bleach out some muddy paws.

6. Who’s been rummaging in the bin?

guilty dogs
via Mybs.com

This pooch has NO idea who has been in the bin. No idea at all.

7. There’s nothing worse than a bacon thief

guilty dogs
via Funnyfidos.com

He might look guilty but on the inside this dog is thinking “ha ha I ate all the bacon and it was wonderful!”

8. Which of these are the guilty dogs?

guilty dogs
via Pinimg.com

We just can’t tell…

9. This puppy is far too cute to be annoyed at

guilty dogs
via Viralnova.com

Just look at that cute, guilty face? You couldn’t be angry at it.

10. This pillow-eating monster

guilty dogs
via Amazon.com

No pillow will survive in the presence of this mutt!

11. He’s wearing the panda bear as evidence of his shame!

guilty dogs
via Amazon.com

Poor, poor panda bear.

12. She’s too cute to sit on the floor

guilty dogs
via Mbtimetraveller.com

She’s right though, she is far too cute for rules.

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