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This Dad’s Packed Lunches For His Kids Will Beat Your Culinary Skills

What do you remember from your packed lunches as a child? Dry bread and corned beef comes to mind. Unless you got school dinners. School dinners were just terrifying.

Well if you’re the kid of Beau Coffron, aka The Lunch Box Dad, you’re going to remember your packed lunches as the most magical meals on Earth.

Beau Coffron started making his magical lunches a few years ago when his daughter Abby began kindergarten. He wanted to make sure his daughter knew he was thinking about her during the day – just how sweet is that?! He now has 3 children and a full-time job but still manages to make these magical packed lunches. Coffron even has his own blog with recipes so other parents can make his fabulous lunches too.

Just how amazing is this dad? You’ll love him even more when you see his lunches:

1. Kermit the frog packed lunch. Nice to see him still smiling despite his recent split from Miss Piggy.

packed lunches
via Instagram.com

2. This Monsters Inc packed lunch won’t be causing any scares. It’s far too cute.

lunch 2
via Instagram.com

3. Finding Nemo has never looked so tasty! Especially with that little turtle.

packed lunch
via Instagram.com

4. The first lunch that Beau Coffron ever made his daughter was a Hello Kitty one.

packed lunch
via Instagram.com

5. What little girl wouldn’t love this My Little Pony inspired packed lunch?

packed lunch
via Instagram.com

6. This adorable Ghost Busters lunch even comes with a little joke.

packed lunch
via Instagram.com

7. This Star Wars Stormtrooper is just the coolest packed lunch ever.

packed lunch
via Instagram.com

8. If you have a sports fan in the family then this sports ball lunch in perfect. It’s also healthy enough for any athlete!

packed lunches
via Instagram.com

You can see more of the Lunch Box Dad’s creations here. 

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