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This New Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind!

A new ‘Game of Thrones’ fan theory seems to pop up almost every week, but this one blind-sided us a bit! Yes, there is plenty of fan fiction surrounding Jon Snow, in particular his heritage, but I don’t this possible connection crossed many people’s minds.

Jon Snow as portrayed by Kit Harington in the HBO adaption of Game of Thrones
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Jon’s death in the finale of season 5 hasn’t sated our desperation to know his true parentage. If anything it’s made us want to know more than ever, and this unsolved mystery also gives us hope that he may yet return.

You’ve now probably heard the R+L=J theory, which is definitely the longest running and most widely believed fan theory going. This theory states that Jon is not the bastard son of Ned Stark and a ‘tavern wench,’ as everyone in the story believes, but is actually the lovechild of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, and that Ned raised Jon as his own to protect him after Lyanna died from complications relating to childbirth.

Ned Stark, played by Sean Bean, and Jon Snow
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This latest theory is an extension of R+L=J, and claims that Lyanna Stark didn’t have one child, but in fact gave birth to twins!

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We know right?!! SHOCKING!

But bare with us…

Redditor ghostchief recently offered up an intriguing prediction for the opening of season 6, a flashback to when Ned finds Lyanna in the Tower of Joy after she has just given birth:

“A baby’s cry rings out as the septa raises a boy and walks him over to the man and woman. The dialogue swells and clarifies to her voice, “Promise me, Ned.” Her eyes slowly close. Ned begins to sob. He raises his head to sound another high pitch noise coming from the foot of the bed. A baby girl.”

We already know Lyanna died in childbirth, and that this scene is expected to appear in the next season, however, the part about the potential baby girl is all speculation. Still, we will show you the evidence to support this theory, but first of all, who the hell would Jon’s twin sister be?

The reigning theory is Meera Reed, who we last saw with Bran at the end of season 4.

Meera Reed, as played by Ellie Kendrick
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The evidence?

First of all, they look a hell of a lot alike. In the books, Meera is described as having dark curly hair and a slim build similar to Arya’s, Jon’s supposed half sister, who also is meant to look like him. Plus, she looks nothing at all like her brother Jojen, and like Jon is a skilled fighter. If that didn’t convince you, look at the similarities between Kit Harrington and Ellie Kendrick (who plays Meera in the show). The dark curly hair, the brooding expression – put a beard on her and you’d never be able to tell them apart.

Side by side portraits of Meera Reed and Jon Snow
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Secondly, Jon and Meera are the same age (16), and were both born in 283 AC, the year Lyanna died.

A gif of a shocked Jon Snow
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Thirdly, only two people survived the battle of the Tower of Joy, which was an attempt to rescue Lyanna from the Targaryen’s. Ned Stark was one, guess who the other just happened to be?

None other than Howland Reed, Meera’s Dad!

A gif of a horrified Meera
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If there were twins, it would make sense to split them up to keep them safe. So as you can see, Meera is a perfect fit for the role of Jon’s sister! R+L=J+M?

What do you think? Legit possibility? Or too much guesswork to really happen?

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