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Would You Trust Your Shampoo Again? These Popular Brands Are Turning Women Bald

Do you think much about the hair products you use? Do you ever look at the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner before buying or do you just trust a label name? Most of us trust what we consider to be big brands, that they will work well and be a legit product that shouldn’t cause any harm to you as it will have been passed tests in order to be sold legally. After reading this, you might give that attitude a look and do a bit more research when it comes to looking after your hair.

via chazdeanwen.com
via chazdeanwen.com

Celebrity in the salon world, Chaz Dean created a hair product line named Wen with the foundations of the line being in the importance of natural ingredients and sustainability being key. Once more, these ‘natural’ products were marketed with well-known names featuring trusted ingredients such as almond and mint, all of which came with a rather hefty price tag!

After this product was marketed bad reviews came flooding in and now a group of over 200 women have come together to pursue a class action law suit, due to these celebrity hair products being the cause of extreme hair loss! Within those groups are females of all ages and even parents representing their children, that have all suffered with hair loss from the seemingly safe product.

via wen.co.uk
via wen.co.uk

The Daily Beast made a statement saying, ‘women from 40 states claim that the WEN products can cause severe and possibly permanent damage to hair, including significant hair loss to the point of visible bald spots, hair breakage, scalp irritation, and rash.’. The Wen Facebook page is now being flooded with distressed customers that have suffered life changing hair loss and irritation due to their products.

via facebook.com
via facebook.com

This is a photo of a customer who wrote, ‘I can’t leave my house I’m depressed Wen hair products is responsible for my hair loss I have been shampooing and conditioning my hair with their non-shampooing conditioner which blocked my pores and caused my hair to be basically washed with lotion here’s pictures I need help I don’t know who to turn to what lawyers are helping I’m overwhelmed and frustrated I cry when I look in the mirror I wear a baseball cap when I go outside this is a warning to everybody in the world don’t use wen hair solution …WHEN, WEN I HAD HAIR.’

These posts all have extremely similar outcomes from using the same products! Be careful what hair care you choose.


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