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Everything you Want to Know About the Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch has been out for nearly a year now and there’s already a lot of guessing as to when the Apple Watch 2 will launch and what features it will have. Apple are staying quiet about it for the time being, though there’s a few things about the watch you can find out right now.

Battery life

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One of the most common complaints about the Apple Watch was its battery life, mainly because you can’t use the thing for a full day. While Apple haven’t confirmed any details about fixing this problem, they’re sure to do something to give the Apple Watch 2 a better battery life. They could work to extend the battery life itself, or they could try to reduce the amount of power all the different apps use up, so the battery won’t be drained as quickly. They got ridiculed for releasing a watch you have to charge overnight – many people who use lots of apps have to charge it throughout the day – so surely they wouldn’t make the same mistake again?


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Another common complaint is that the Apple Watch isn’t waterproof. Sure, it can resist some water, but it’s not completely waterproof; in fact, Apple actually suggests not using it underwater because it can act erratically when wet. People want to go for a swim while wearing their Apple Watch knowing it won’t be damaged. This is something Apple are likely to incorporate into the Apple Watch 2 because they are very good at listening to customer demands.

iPhone reliance

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In many ways, the first Apple Watch is sort of an extension of your iPhone. Lots of people want the next version of the product to be more independent and not to rely on the iPhone as much. You can still do lots of things on the Apple Watch without your iPhone, such as keeping track of your fitness, controlling your Apple TV and, of course, telling the time, using a stopwatch and setting an alarm. The problem many find is that to do everything else, you need the watch to be connected to your iPhone.

Facetime camera

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Rumours state that a Facetime camera is coming to the Apple Watch 2, which will give users the chance to make and receive calls from their watch.

Release date

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There’s no definite release date yet, but insiders hint it’s actually already in production and will be available sometime during the second quarter of 2016 (1st April to 30th June). Keep your eyes peeled for a confirmed release date, which should hopefully be coming soon.

So at the minute it’s mostly rumours and guesses, but we do know for certain that the Apple Watch 2 will definitely be an improvement on the first Apple Watch and that Apple are sure to listen to customers’ needs. Hopefully the Apple Watch 2 will be a much more powerful device with lots of exciting new features. Whatever it features, it’s sure to sell like crazy.

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