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15 Uses For Coffee Grounds Other Than Drinking

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, served hot or cold, sweet or bitter. However, other than drinking or putting in sweet treats there are many more uses for coffee that loads of us had no idea of. Here are those cool uses for coffee other than drinking that would be useful when the vacations are ahead and we most certainly see many guests in 2020.

Remove Strong Smells

When chopping garlic, onion or fish the smell can sometimes stay on your hands even after washing so why not try rubbing coffee grounds on your hands and then wash away.

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Reduce Cellulite

This is a low cost alternative to expensive procedures and creams, simply mix warm coffee grounds with coconut oil and rub on chosen area in circular motions to reduce those fat pockets.

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Get Shiny Hair

Coffee is the perfect low cost solution to giving your hair that salon shine, just apply a cool pot of super strong coffee on your hair and wash away after 20 minutes. This only needs to be done once a week for best results.

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Kill Fridge Odour

By leaving coffee grounds in your fridge it will absorb those bad smells and replace them with that rich, lovely coffee smell.

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Pin Cushion Filling

The grounds keep your pins from rusting and form the right texture to be used in a pin cushion.

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With weight loss aids, tightening aids and being great for buffering dry skin away. You can make your own coffee based scrub for the shower.

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Coffee is a gardeners best friend, delicious coffee breaks and brilliant rich compost – win win!

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Repel Ants

Simple dry coffee can sprinkled in your problem areas where you have noticed ants living and this will deter them.

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via gardenmyths.com

Repel Cats

As with ants, cats also aren’t big fans of coffee! Just sprinkle some coffee in those areas the local cats use as a litter box and this will cover their natural scent and they will no longer use that area.

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via youngmarketing.com

Repel Fleas

Forget that expensive vet visit, use damp coffee granules through your pets fur after baths to repel those pesky fleas.

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Natural Dye

Coffee has been the classic go to liquid to make those school projects look ‘old fashioned’ by staining the paper.

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Avoid using chemicals as coffee works brilliantly as a scrub for those hard to clean areas, such as stained surfaces and ovens. This is because coffee is acidic and mildly abrasive.

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Fix Furniture Scratches

Those hear breaking marks on your favourite coffee table can be fixed by coffee alone. Rub in a coffee paste to reduce the look of those scratches.

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Vase Decoration

They smell great and look great, use coffee beans in the bottom of your unused vases to bring them back to life again.

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Use coffee in your cakes to make them extra indulgent and rich, the sweetness of cake and coffee combined is delicious.

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