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Grumpy Cat and Other Most Viral Animals on the Internet

There is nothing that the internet loves more than animals. Whether they be cute, weird or just downright grumpy, we want to know everything about these viral superstars.

Some of these animals have become so famous, indeed, that they earn a very large amount of money for their owners! Not bad when all you need to do is look cute…

Interested in meeting these viral animals? Here’s 16 of the most viral animals on the internet:

1. Theo and Beau

via Today.com

Our first viral animal is more of a viral pair. Theo and Beau are best friends – best friends who love to nap together. This pair shot to fame after their mum starting posting pictures of her son Beau with his rescue puppy Theo on her Instagram page. The pair even have their own book called Naptime with Theo and Beau which showcases photographs of them both together.

2. Boo

via Dailytelegraph.com.au

Boo is considered the world’s cutest dog, and it’s hard to disagree. An internet sensation, Boo has over 17 million likes on Facebook and has a multitude of celebrity admirers including Ke$ha. This little Pomeranian was even the official spokesperson (or dog) of the Virgin America airline.

3. Buddy

via Fanpop.com

Like Ron Weasley to Harry Potter, Buddy is Boo the dog’s best friend. Rarely separated, these pooches make a gorgeous pair. No wonder the internet loves them so much.

4. Sockington

via Wikipedia.org

Sockington the cat found fame on Twitter with his cute antics. Using his owner Jason Scott as a ghost writer, Sockington keeps us up-to-date with all his cat business. He has over 1.3million followers.

5. Menswear Dog

via Mensweardog.tumblr.com

Yes, that IS a dog in men’s clothing. Bodhi became an internet sensation after his owners posted a photograph of him in their clothes. The internet went wild and Bodhi’s menswear dog Tumblr was born. As the internet’s most stylish dog, this pooch has a thriving Instagram page and plenty of companies that want him to model for them.

6. Maru

via Youtube.com

A Youtube superstar, Maru is a Japanese kitty that knows how to work the camera. Known for his love of boxes, Maru earns his owner a lot of money every year through Youtube revenue.

7. Colonel Meow

via Ladydinahs.com

The original grumpy cat, Colonel Meow held the Guinness World Record for the longest fur on a cat. Famed for his scowling, stern face sadly Colonel Meow died in 2014 from a heart disease, however his internet legacy lives on.

8. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

via Youtube.com

With his big hipster moustache, it’s little wonder that this cat shot to fame on Instagram. This kitty even has his own clothing line. He hasn’t let fame go to his head, though. His favourite hobby is still napping.

9. Tuna

via Mashable.com

Not many creatures could look so cute with an overbite, but Tuna does. This rescued pooch has over 1.4million Instagram followers, his own book and makes regular appearances at events.

10. Venus

via Viralscape.com

Venus the cat is the internet’s favourite chimera cat. With her odd eyes and a face that’s split down the middle into black and ginger, she’s a beautiful kitty. She has a great following on Instagram and has appeared on American chat shows.

11. Lil Bub

via Lilbub.com

Lil Bub has captured the hearts of the internet with her adorable features. She may have physical deformities, but this has stopped this kitty becoming one of the world’s most famous cats. It’s rumoured that Lil Bub brings in $1 million a year in revenue.

12.  Beast

via Animalfair.com

If you’re going to be the puppy of the man who created Facebook, then you’re likely to be pretty famous too. Beast, a Puli, has over 2 million Facebook likes.

13. Biddy

via Onegreenplanet.org

Another viral superstar that has sadly passed away, Biddy the hedgehog died of cancer earlier this year. That doesn’t stop this little critter from being our favourite internet hedgehog. When his owners took him on their travels and posted his adventures on Instagram the internet rejoiced and he became a superstar.

14. Henri le Chat Noir

via Youtube.com

Henri is the movie star of viral animals. His Youtube videos explore his thoughts on the world. Amazing to watch, this cat has his own internet store that reportedly his owner makes a lot of money from.

15. Miss Asia Kinney

via Celebuzz.com

It’s hard not to be famous when you’re the furbaby of Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney, yet Asia is quickly becoming more famous than her owners. With Lady Gaga posting so many pictures of her dog looking gorgeous, Asia soon caught the eye of the fashion industry. She’s now bagged her first modelling contract with Coach!

16. Grumpy Cat

via Lifeandstylemag.com

Never has there been a more viral animal than Grumpy Cat – all because of that face. But why do we love this kitty with cattitude so much? Well because she pulls the face we all want to pull when we think people are stupid – we’re just too polite to do it. With all her appearances, TV shows and merchandise it’s reported that kitty has earned over $100 million!

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