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Some Of The Hidden Characters in Disney Movies You Were Not Expecting

No one can deny a love for Disney films, whether you’re new to the Disney film hype with the amazing Frozen, or have grown up spending rainy days consumed by fairy tales and magic. Either way, the undeniable enjoyment we get from Disney films is often unrivalled by any other animated movie on the big screen. Here we have a sought some absolutely mind blowing secrets hidden within our favourite classics, this being characters that have hopped movie and cropped up in another family favourite.

101 Dalmatiansdalmations

We all love the classic 101 Dalmatians and I’m sure I won’t be alone when I admit to being scared by some of the darker scenes within the light hearted canine film, but in the magical and creative way that grips us to a Disney movie, there is always a way that what could be a scary scene becomes clever and happy. Here we have Lady and Tramp from the doggy classic ‘Lady and The Tramp’ wondering the dark streets.

dalmations 2We see this again as the cast of ‘Lady and The Tramp’ make a reappearance on the 101 Dalmatian set, as we see the previously compounded pup Peg in a basket ready to be sold.

Brother Bear

brother bear

We all know the long journey Nemo had after making the fatal error of swimming in deep water but what a lot of didn’t realise was just how far he travelled. Here in the stunning film Brother Bear, we see Nemo splashing around with the other much larger fish trying not to be caught, remember fish are friends, not food!



Despite being a more modern Disney phenomenon, we have still sought some of our old time favourite classic characters, such as Pinocchio watching over a scene from Tangled.

tangled 2This is not the only appearance we have from a classic Disney film cropping up in the modern Tangled. Here we can see Rapunzel and Flynn reading with books scattered featuring Sleeping Beauty (by the window), The Little Mermaid (on the side table) and Beauty and the Beast (on the floor).



Only in a Disney film would apes being enjoying fine kitchenware, but whilst this is pretty entertaining a lot of us failed to recognise where the pretty tea set came from, or should I say who the dinner set is. Which is of course, Mrs Potts and her little one Chip from the classic Beauty and The Beast.

Lilo and Stitch

lilo and stitch

It seems that even the Disney characters themselves had seen Disney films and had their own favourite’s classics, as Nani has a Mulan poster stuck up on her bedroom wall.

lilo and stitch 2This is not the only time we see an old favourite Disney film appearance, as if you look closely you can spot the adorable Dumbo as a stuffed toy, conveniently perched in the toy box.

The Princess and The Frog

princess and the frog

Within the movie the princess and the frog, they show a brilliant Mardi Gras celebration with fast moving floats, celebrations, colours, dancers you get the gist. But amongst the party atmosphere and celebrations did you notice the huge tribute float to Ariel’s father? Here we have a shining float showing King Triton in all his strength and glory.

the princess and the frog 2Another subtle feature from another Disney film pops up when Mama Odie is singing the song ‘dig a little deeper’. Whilst a lot of us were enjoying the tune and many objects flying round, only a few noticed the Aladdin’s very own magic lamp making a special appearance.



Whilst on the topic of Aladdin’s lamp, our favourite genie has a nasty nip on the hand by the grumpy Sebastian the crab, from Little Mermaid.



This hidden find is pretty amazing and really brings the magic of Dinsey to life as well as showing how much planning and thought goes into creating such incredible films time and time again. Here we have a scene from the delicious film Ratatouille where there is a chubby pup projected in shadow form in a house. Now at the time of the film this could be any old dog as it was not until two years later, the film Up was released and we finally met and fell in love with the dog behind the shadow which is of course Doug.

So here we have complied just a few hidden characters, props and shadows from all your favourite Disney movies. Watch out when you next snuggle down to a classic and look out for other characters wanting to get in on the action.


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