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These Photos A Guy Who Filled The Entire House with Sand Will Shock You!

That feeling when you have been to the beach and you end up finding sand absolutely everywhere for ages after, is super cringy and annoying. So imagine this times a thousand and having a house absolutely filled to the brim with sand, this is most peoples cringing nightmare!

Before a house in Melbourne North was about to be demolished and knocked down, artist Emma McEvoy decided to completely give it a new look entirely; by filling the entire building including every cupboard, drawer and hole with sand! Emma McEvoy set out to do this project from having come back from a recent trip to take photographs in Namibia where she was met with sand-filled houses and so she decided she wanted to recreate this disaster and share it with the people of Melbourne to exhibit.

via emmamcevoy.com
via emmamcevoy.com

Emma said, “The idea to display my images in this way actually came to me while I was shooting in Kolmanskop. I wanted to create this installation in inner city to show people what is happening out there in the world. Sometimes it’s easy to disconnect from the impact we are having on our environment when you are living in a big city,”.

via emmamcevoy.com
via emmamcevoy.com

The finished result consisted of nine tonnes of sand plus two entire truck loads and countless wheelbarrow journeys with the heavy stuff, which she thanked her strong and dedicated friends for helping her out with!

via emmamcevoy.com
via emmamcevoy.com

She also said how much difficulty she had finding the perfect venue to pitch her art project, but “When I went inside the house for the first time, the walls were cracked, peeling and covered in cobwebs, the wallpaper was the right colour, the old doors off their hinges, the bathroom a perfect mint green. There were so many eerie resemblances to the houses in Namibia,” and at this moment she knew this was the right place.

via emmamcevoy.com
via emmamcevoy.com

In total the exhibition had around 3,000 visitors in the space of the three day event and most came out with the same overwhelmed and amazed experience.

via emmamcevoy.com
via emmamcevoy.com

To pair with the sand filled house, Emma McEvoy hung some of her own photographic work from the actual houses she witnessed on her travels. Most people said how strange it was to walk barefoot through a house filled with sand and to soak up that experience alone!


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