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So The Reviews For The Time-Bending Game ‘Quantum Break’ Are Out. What’s The Verdict?

Quantum Break is a game that’s been highly hyped up by Microsoft as one of the best games coming to the Xbox in 2016. In all fairness, it utilizes a theme that a lot of other games have struggled with which is that of ‘time’.

It’s a game that looks to not only create a strong story based on time but also use time as it’s incredible mechanics throughout the game. On top of this already intriguing gameplay mechanic, Quantum Break is unique because it offers up 20-30 minute live-action cut scenes that you can choose to watch will build on character development and story within the game. It’s a unique idea which actually looks like it works.

But enough of the explanation here’s a quick trailer for the game and then let’s get into the critic’s reviews.


IGN – 8.0/10

Positives: Great time travel story, Spectacular time stutter effects, Excellent production and performances

Negatives: Action grows stale later on, Little late-game variety

As we can see, IGN thinks big things of this game. It appears that the game offers up some beautiful effects when it comes to the time gameplay mechanics themselves and on top of this, it also offers a great set of actors and a great storyline. Win/Win!

Read the full review here

GameSpot – 6/10

Positives: Impressive visuals, Great environment destructibility, Effective performances from a great cast, Time powers enable great creativity during combat

Negatives: Sloppy movement and weapon controls, The element of choice isn’t as powerful as it seems, Forced, unimaginative platforming sections

So it appears GameSpot weren’t as big a fans of the game, giving it only a 6/10. However, they do go on to mention more positives than negatives in their review which will surely help you make your choice.

Read the full review here

Polygon – 8.5/10

via polygon.com
via polygon.com

Positives: Remarkably successful marriage of on-demand television and narrative-driven action game, Interesting and successful story, Time powers are flashy and impressive

Negatives: Wonky shooting, Cringe-worthy story cliches, Ineffective cover systems

So once again, it seems like another critic is a huge fan of the look and feel of Quantum Break whilst suggesting the storyline is hugely successful whilst mixing the Netflix-like cut scenes and gameplay well together.

Read the full review here

Gamesradar – 3.5/5 Stars

Positive: The elements of a fantastic and creative action game are all present and correct, Clean, glossy design, and refracted time-effects make for an effervescent visual ride, A lot of genuinely enriching, supplementary material in Quantum Break’s story

Negatives: Jack’s environmental navigation can frustrate, You’ll rarely feel challenged

The main theme we get from GamesRadar’s review here is that they feel this game has such potential but falls just a little short in every aspect. It’s not bad at anything, but it’s not great at anything either.

Read the full review here

Stuff – 5/5 Stars

via stuff.tv
via stuff.tv

Positives: Stunning and realistic in motion, Combat feels powerful and fun, The ‘Junctures’ and ‘Episodes’ feel unique – and work

Negatives: Unavoidably linear, No real replay value, Immersion breaking AAA trappings

Finally, Stuff has given a very positive review to Quantum Break claiming that you should “Kill time with this cracking Xbox One exclusive” and that “Inspired yet formulaic, Quantum Break is an imperfect, essential exclusive.” Positive stuff from there from Stuff!

Read the full review here


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