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Make a Fashion Statement with these Top 10 Fashionable Sunglasses this Summer

Now the suns out, it is time to get the sunglasses out also. If you are not sure which sunnies to go for and which ones will suit you best based on the occasion or even based on the shape of you head then you have come to the right place. Here we have put together 10 of the most fashionable sunglasses styles to wear this summer.


The aviator is a classic style that will timelessly be in fashion. The aviator sunglasses best suit an oval, slimmer face as the simple lens shape will complement the curve of the cheek. Aviator’s are sunglasses that can be worn all year round and look great with so many outfits. These sunglasses are best for a relaxed day outfit or to be worn whilst cruising in the car on a sunny day. These sunglasses look great on both men and woman and are loved by well-worn celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Ryan Gosling.

asos-cat-eye-sunglasses-black-tom-ford-nikita-knockoffsCat Eye

The cat eye sunglasses are back on trend, don’t be afraid of this style coming back in fashion as long as you find a subtle, slick pair. They look best in dark colours and suit people with square shaped, heart shaped and oval shaped heads. These female style sunnies are very feminine and will look great with a pair of jeans and simple top for a city long or with a strappy bikini on the beach. This style is loved by the Kardashian girls.


The oversized sunnies have been around for a little while and are not going out of fashion any time soon. The larger glasses are often referred to as ‘bug eyes’ and are sometimes hard to find a pair that suit you, but if you have a rounded or oval shaped head then they’re sure to look great and make a statement. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous with the colours of these glasses and rock the look like J Lo and Beyonce.

flower-sunglasses-kerin-roseFestival Flower

If you are loving the festival vibes then why not pick out a floral pair on sunglasses, these sunglasses will make a statement and add festival vibes to the simplest of outfits. Once more, they can come in any shape and size so will fit all face shapes. If you can’t find a pair that’s perfect for your summer look then why not stick flower onto your old sunglasses to spruce them up.


Coco Chanel pioneered in the embellished sunglasses with a gorgeous, classy pearl look, but if Chanel is slightly out of your price range then there are plenty of other similar alternatives on the high street. Once again, like the floral, these sunglasses can be found in any shape and size with a bold embellishment so hunt them out and walk bravely as your eyes sparkle.


These sunnies look great on both men and woman and are the ultimate classic. As seen on Cara Delavigne, these are perfect for having the ultimate summer look. An added bonus is that these sunnies often mean you cannot see your eyes behind the lens, so you could have a sneaky snooze. These sunglasses come with loads of different coloured lenses, so you can be adventurous and rock those reflective’s.


Photochromic lenses are for those that wear glasses or contacts, or would ordinarily need prescription sunglasses. However, these cut out the middle man and work as glasses in a normal lit room but if you go outside in the sun, they adjust to the light and darken to protect your eyes.


Round sunglasses are a newer trend that is more indie and hipster. These cool specs work well with a square shaped head, heart shaped and oval shaped head. These rounded sunglasses will compliment a pair of ripped jeans or high waisted shorts. Celebs are loving this look especially, the Olsen twins, Rihanna and Lauren Conrad.


The wayfarer is a classic sunglass for men. These simple sunnies are worn by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. These sunglasses can be found super cheaply and high designer prices so are available to all and suit all face shapes. Why not be brave and get a pair with a wood effect or in a dark outer colour with a bright inner colour for a brave statement. These can also be rocked by girls, check out how Taylor Swift styles these simple specs.

2013-02-25 09.42.5317Sport

The sporty style sunglasses are very much designed to look sleek and be worn whilst doing sporting activities. These can also be worn when driving or on a casual day. These sunglasses are a more masculine style and would suit a male that are past their 20’s. Sporty sunglasses have been styled by like the likes of Johnny Depp and Justin Timberlake.





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