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10 Famous Actors Who Now Have a Regular Job

Not everyone who achieves fame wants it – find out 10 actors who have ditched fame for a regular job

There are so many people who aspire to be a famous actor. The chance to act in blockbuster movies, the money, the fans, the lifestyle – it all seems glamorous and exciting. However, we constantly hear from famous actors how awful it is to have paparazzi follow them around, no privacy and to be working long hours. Some actors have even gone so far as to reject the lifestyle completely and instead now have very normal jobs away from the limelight. Here are 10 such actors that now live relatively normal lives.

Jonathan Bennet – Spin Class Instructor

Jonathan Bennet
Courtesy of fanpop.com

Jonathan Bennett’s most famous role is definitely that of Aaron Samuels, alongside Lindsay Lohan, in the 2004 comedy Mean Girls. This has not been his only acting role but it is definitely the one that put him on the acting map. However, since this movie he has only appeared in the odd TV episode or small budget film. Instead, he is making his living as a spin class instructor at ‘Flywheel’.

Chris Owen – Sushi Waiter

Chris Owen
Courtesy of Twitter

Anyone who has seen the American Pie films will remember The Sherminator. Not everyone who starred in these films has gone on to have successful careers and Chris Owen is one of the unlucky ones. Rather than rejecting an acting career, it would seem that Chris has simply not been working as much as he would like. More recently he has been cast in a number of films and so hopefully his acting career is taking an upward turn and he can leave the regular job behind.

Danny Lloyd – Biology Professor

Danny Lloyd
Courtesy of cinemascomics.com

Danny Lloyd is one actor whose career began and ended before most people even think about looking for a job. His role as Danny Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining could have been the start of a great career, however he only appeared in one more film before retiring from the business at the age of 8. Instead, he became a biology professor at a community college.

Jeff Cohen – Lawyer

Jeff Cohen
Courtesy of geekshizzle.com

If anyone had said that Chunk from The Goonies would become a lawyer when he grew up there may have been a few laughs, but that is exactly what happened. Leaving his acting career behind he went to UCLA law school and now works as an entertainment lawyer in the business.

Peter Ostrum – Vet

Peter Ostrum
Courtesy of virginmedia.com

The original Charlie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame is another child star who turned his back on an acting career at a young age. He turned down a 3 film contract and instead retired from acting and went on to become a vet instead.

Mara Wilson – YA Novelist

Mara Wilson
Courtesy of mashable.com

Mara Wilson was a child star that arguably had Hollywood at her feet. With roles in movies such as Mrs Doutfire, Miracle on 34th Street and Matilda she won the hearts of critics and the public alike. However, she gave it all up as she didn’t find acting fun and felt she could be more creative in her regular job as a novelist.

Leanna Creel – Photographer

Leanna Creel
Courtesy of hollywoodlollipop.com

This Saved by the Bell graduate didn’t go on to have many other acting jobs before turning her attention elsewhere. She co-founded a production company which was acquired by Lionsgate and after this she studied photography and opened a photography company.

Jason Zimbler – Software Engineer

Jason Zimbler
Courtesy of zimbio.com

Whilst he may not have been the lead, he certainly made an impression during his time on Clarissa Explains it All. However, apart from a couple of theatre productions his acting career ended there. Since 2011 he has been working in the very ‘normal’ job of a software engineer at HBO.

Nikki Blonsky – Hairdresser

Nikki Blonsky
Courtesy of Twitter

In a rather ironic twist of fate the woman whose acting career should have taken off when she was cast in Hairspray instead returned home to work in a hair salon. This was not a case of her giving up acting for a regular job but another case of not being able to continue acting. Whist working in the salon she continued to audition and has since been cast in a few more roles.

Emma Watson – Feminist Activist

Emma Watson
Courtesy of variety.com

Technically Emma Watson has not left acting behind but that hasn’t stopped her also from pursuing a more regular job. Whilst she is definitely using her fame for her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador she has also graduated from university and has arguably carved out a very regular life for if she ever does decide to leave acting behind for good.


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