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8 TV Shows That Are Guaranteed To Make You Want To Change Career – #7 Helped Me

Do you ever get so obsessed with a TV show that you want to pack in your own job or studies to become like your favourite protagonist? Yes, us too. Almost weekly.

Well here are 8 television shows that are guaranteed to make you want to change career. Be warned, watch them with caution:

CSI: Crime Investigation

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How many of us watched one of the many CSI shows and instantly wanted a career in forensics? Well, indeed, so many of us did that universities had to start explaining to potential students just how unrealistic the show actually was. For one you wouldn’t be chasing after the criminals with guns. That’s what the police do. Forensic scientists stay in the labs or all-in-one body suits.

Criminal Minds

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Similar to CSI, when we saw Criminal Minds we all wanting a career as a BAU profiler. Chasing unsubs such as serial killers and catching them within one or two days. Plus you get to ride in a private jet. Shame there are only like 3-4 people in the world who have this job. Most do it part-time along with lecturing, and it’s certainly not as glamorous as the TV show.

Sex and the City

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Carrie Bradshaw convinced a generation of woman that they could write one newspaper column a week and afford to buy lots of designer shows while living in a gorgeous New York apartment. No wonder everyone wanted to be a writer after watching Sex and the City. Sadly it’s more realistic to want to profile serial killers for the FBI.


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Most (sorry Chandler) of the Friends crew had cool jobs that we wanted, but one friend stood out in the career stakes. Ross, of course! Just how cool would it be to be a paleontologist?! It’s basically a life dedicated to dinosaurs. You could live Jurassic Park! Of course, it’s probably not all discovering new dinosaurs but it still sounds like a cool job.


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With all the practical jokes and “feels” it was impossible to not want to be a doctor after watching Scrubs. Shame it’s not as fun to be a doctor as it looks in Scrubs. It’s more likely to be 60 hours a week surrounded by bodily fluids.

Ally McBeal

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When it came to Ally McBeal and the gang, being a lawyer never looked so fun. Indeed it was all about face-bras, fresh bowls and dancing babies. No hard work learning lots of law facts here!


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Okay, so being Sherlock Holmes is probably very hard. But we could be a sub-standard private detective. Plus the outfit is very cool. We’ll just need to find someone with a career as a doctor after watching Scrubs to be our new sidekick.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Buffy was always talking about quitting her job as the slayer, and we’d gladly step into her, often very fashionable, boots. We could easily kill vampires, demons and the forces of darkness. We don’t want the part-time job in the chicken restaurant though.

1. Which television career would you like?

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