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Pictures of Famous People Throughout Distant History

There are many incredible people throughout history who we know for their incredible impact on certain fields of science or nature or for having a positive influence on equality or whatever it may be. However, sometimes we don’t really know they look like. Luckily, over the past couple of decades more and more images of famous people throughout history have emerged that have shown us insights into names that we could never really previously put a face to. We did our research and came back with some of the more famous names who you may not have seen. So here are our pictures of famous people throughout distant history

Florence Nightingale (1880)

Via getty.com
Via getty.com

Florence Nightingale was famous for being the ‘Lady With The Lamp’ during the 1800s as a nurse as she saved many lives. This is one of the few actual photographs taken of the historically famous woman at the tender age of 65.

Charles Dickens (1858)

Via webdesignerdepot.com
Via webdesignerdepot.com

Charles Dickens was arguably the most famous novelist throughout the victorian period, creating works of art that are still studied in modern English classes today. Many of his pieces of work have become plays, films, TV Shows and much more. Here is a painting of him from painter Charles Baugniet.

Walt Disney (1940s)

Via 570news.com
Via 570news.com

The man behind the biggest animation company in history is definitely somebody we’d have love to have met. He preached about the importance of allowing kids to reach their dreams. In addition he arguably single-handedly made animation what it is today.

Thomas Edison (1877)

Via webdesignerdepot.com
Via webdesignerdepot.com

Thomas Edison is obviously incredibly famous for inventing the light bulb that we know and use so regularly today. Some say he’s the inventor of light. Thomas Edison the telegraph and the telephone that we also use casually today. ALSO, Edison created the Phonograph which obviously begun the use of vinyls, then tapes, then CDs and then obviously everything is digital now.

Galileo Galilei (1605)

Via commons.wikimedia.org
Via commons.wikimedia.org

Galileo Galilei was obviously famous for his advances in astronomy theory. He advanced the theory by Copernicus that the Earth in fact orbited the Sun and not the other way round. Unfortunately as a result of expressing this theory publicly, he was put on house arrest for most of his later life for heresey against the Catholic Church.

Billy The Kid (1878)

Original Image Via geek.com

Billy The Kid (Left) Via geek.com

Having only lived for 21 years, Billy The Kid was a man who was hard to photograph. However, recently there have been new images emerging of the famous killer which shows Billy The Kid aged only 19 at a wedding. The image was found at auction for $2 and went on to be valued at around $5million.


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