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Important Things The New Students Need To Know First

It’s getting to that time of year again – just 3 months and all you freshers will be heading off to university! The the end of an era, your high school years are over and university is your chance at a new start. It can be a rather daunting prospect though, just how do you fit in with all the other students? Well here’s 16 handy facts about student life to make you feel a little less nervous.

1. Nobody knows what they’re doing

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The greatest misconception freshers have is that everyone else knows what they’re doing. They don’t. Everyone enters university on the same, equal confused footing. Never be afraid to ask a stupid question. It’s likely the person beside you is wondering the exact same thing.

2. You won’t use the library for books

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You’re highly unlikey to open a book in the library, after all Google will tell you everything you need to know. The only time you’ll start checking out books is in your 4th year when you need to pad out your dissertation’s bibliography.

3. The library is really just an internet cafe

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All you will do in the library is use a computer to check Facebook, watch YouTube videos and, on occasion, print off a few slideshows for lectures.

4. You have to go tutorials, lectures not so much

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Unlike in school, not every class you have will take a register. So if you feel the need for a long lie, do it on a morning of a lecture. Tutorials and labs will take a register and if you miss a few of these you’ll find yourself in trouble.

5. Naps are perfectly acceptable

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You’ve now reached a stage in life where naps are not only acceptable, but are actively encouraged by your peers. No classes in the afternoon? Well get back to halls and have a quick nap.

6. You’ll be out partying every weekday

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Every night is student night when you’re at university. Think 99p shots, bouncy castles in clubs and getting your face painted. It’s like being back at nursery but will added booze.

7. You won’t wash that club stamp off your hand

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A club stamp is like a fashion statement for a student. Wear it with pride the next day so everyone knows just how much of a party animal you really are.

8. You’ll drink between classes

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Got time between classes? Well most of your class will be off to the student union for a few pints before the next lecture. It would be rude not to join them.

9. Nothing tastes better than a 2am kebab

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They might disgust you during the day, but after staggering out of a nightclub at 2am you’ll walk miles for a kebab. Failing that chips and cheese are a good option.

10. You’ll need a big hoodie for classes with a hangover

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A big, comfy hoodie will make that 9am lecture with a hangover feel marginally better. Even better, you can always sit at the back and have a nap in it.

11. No one goes out at weekends

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Weekends are not for partying. Weekends are for visiting your mum with your washing and maybe doing some studying.

12. You’ll develop a coffee addiction

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You might have despised the stuff before, but by the end of your first term you’ll be living off of skinny caramel lattes.

13. Lecturers are friendly

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Unlike school, lecturers in university seem to think you’re adults. They hold adult conversations with you, are friendly and on the odd occasion have been known to join the class for a pint. Very bizarre.

14. Group presentations are the worst

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By the end of your course you will loathe group presentations. Not only do the take 10 times longer to prepare than it would on your own, you’ll also have to compromise on everything. You’ll probably find some group members won’t do any work but will happily take the credit.

15. Textbooks are extortionate

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Every book you buy will set you back over £50. The worst thing is, you probably won’t use it more than twice. That could have bought 50 jagerbombs!

16. You might learn something

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After all that partying, procrastinating and socialising, you might just learn a few things. Mainly that being a student is awesome.

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