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Pokemons You Were Desperate to Catch When You Were a Kid

When Pokemon Red and Blue was released way back in 1996 by Nintendo for Gameboy it was a massive hit.

Taking your character on a journey to become the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer, you fought and caught Pokemon along the way. The incentive being that you wanted to catch every kind of Pokemon – all 150 of them – in order to complete your pokedex.

That was easier than it sounded though. There were lots of rare pokemon, and you had to train your Pokemon in order for it to evolve into new kinds.

Of course, there were some Pokemon that everyone was desperate to catch, here are 18 of the most popular:

1. Pikachu

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Hugely popular due to the Pokemon TV cartoon, Pikachu was not at all easy to catch. You’re only chance of getting one early on was to wonder round Viridian Forest for an hour. More often than not you just found Weedles.

2. Meowth


Also popular due to the cartoon, unfortunately unlike the Meowth on TV. The one you catch in the game doesn’t talk.

3. Dratini

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To catch this super-rare dragon Pokemon you had to use your super rod. That is, fish for it. Your best bet was to try one of the fishing spots in the Safari Zone.

4. Eevee

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Not only was Eevee super, duper cute, it also would evolve into one of three different Pokemon depending on what elemental stone you exposed it to.

5. Mewtwo


Mewtwo was the ultimate in rare Pokemon. Created by science, you come up against this Pokemon only once in the game. If you didn’t catch it then, then you’d lost your chance.

6.  Zapdos

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Like Mewtwo, Zapdos was very rare. A little easier to catch, Zapdos could be found in the Power Plant.

7. Articuno

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Another of the game’s legendary birds, Articuno lives in Seafoam Islands. The problem with getting this Pokemon is that the island is like a maze. You have to change currents with boulders and usually end up getting lost for hours.

8. Moltres


The last of the fancy Pokemon birds, you come across Moltres on the way to face the Elite Four.

9. Jigglypuff

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Jigglypuff was desirable for two main reasons – it was cute and it could sing. Incredibly annoying for your opponents (and fun for you), sing would put opposing Pokemon to sleep.

10. Gyarados

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This dragon was very powerful and essential for any serious Pokemon trainer’s belt. Unfortunately the only way to get this Pokemon was to catch Magikarp and evolve in into Gyarados.

11. Porygon

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A virtual Pokemon, Porygon couldn’t be caught in the wild. Instead you have to buy it in the Celadon City Game Corner. This involves saving up (or winning) quite a lot of gold coins.

12. Chansey

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Often seen in the Pokemon Centres helping out Nurse Joy, it makes you really want to catch one of your own. Sadly that’s easier said than done. Your best chance is in the Safari Zone.

13. Clefairy

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Another cute, round and pink Pokemon! Clefairy was just as rare as the rest. You can find it by wandering around MT. Moon or paying up at Celadon City Game Corner.

14. Tangela

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While not particularly hard to catch, it was still very popular due to it’s weird appearance. It is, after-all, a big ball of vines that looks very cool.

15. Ditto

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Another weird looking Pokemon, Ditto was particularly special as it morphed into it’s opposing Pokemon meaning you could steal all their fancy moves!

16.  Gengar

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You might not know its name, but you should recognise Gengar – it’s the Pokemon from the game’s opening sequence. Gengar was another Pokemon you had to evolve in order to obtain. Get yourself a Gastly in Lavender Town then get training.

17. Cubone

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Poor lonely Cubone, it’s said it wears the skull of its dead mother and it’s crying produces a sweet melody. You wanted to catch this Pokemon to try and cheer the poor thing up.

18. Mr Mime

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Another bizarre looking Pokemon, when not fighting Mr Mine enjoys miming (funnily enough). To get this Pokemon you had to trade it for an Abra on Route 2.

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