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21 Awesome Facts About Our Oceans

It’s astounding how little us humans know about our oceans. Indeed, you might be shocked about just how little we know! For instance did you know we’ve discovered just 1% of the creatures that life within the sea? Crazy isn’t it!

Here are 21 other facts about our oceans that you might not know:

1. The top 10 feet of ocean holds as much heat as the ENTIRE atmosphere

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2.  90% of the world’s volcanoes are actually underwater

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3.  Scientists have discovered less than 1% of the creatures that live in our oceans

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4. But this still equates to around  250,000 species of sea life that we have discovered at the moment

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5. Which leaves around 25 million creatures in the sea still to be discovered

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6. Indeed, scientists know more about the surface of the moon than they do about our own oceans

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7. Scientists have only been able to explore around 10% of the ocean’s volume

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8. The other 90% of the ocean is something called deep sea

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9. Not even submarines go into deep sea – despite it being most of the ocean

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10. There have been more astronauts in space than there have been people in deep sea

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11. Deep sea begins 1800 metres below sea level

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12. The sea is only blue where it is near land or sunlight – or the intertidal zone

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13. Once you get to deep sea everything is black and the pressure is very high

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14. Scientists have managed to send drones to the ocean floor and found there is lots of life there

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15. As there is no light, creatures have had to evolve ways of seeing in deep sea

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16. There are organisms that can live above volcanic vents on the ocean floor – these areas have no light, no oxygen and the water will be at boiling temperatures

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17. If you put Mount Everest under the Pacific Ocean it would still be submerged 2km under water

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18. The pressure in deep sea would be like having 50 jumbo jets balanced on your chest

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19. The Pacific Ocean covers roughly 1/3 of the Earth’s surface

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20. 90% of trade between countries is still carried out via ships

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21. There is more water held in the ice of Antarctica than the entire Atlantic Ocean – which should make you worried about global warming

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