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Movie Dance Scenes Set To Uptown Funk Is The Mash Up To End All Mash Ups

Who doesn’t love a good dance scene? We know we do!

Well, YouTube channel What’s the Mashup?, the people behind the Jurassic Park ‘Bonus Scene’, must do too! Because they’ve synced your favourite movie dance scenes with the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars hit Uptown Funkand it’s the mash up to end all mash ups!

Via huffingtonpost.com
Via huffingtnpost.com

The video claims to have included 100 different films in all, including classics such as Dirty Dancing and Grease, to cult flicks like Pulp Fiction and Napoleon Dynamite. Mr Bean is also featured, because why not?

Via tumblr.com
Via tumblr.com

He’s not the only one with the moves though. Other big movies featured include:

Bruce Almighty

Via reddit.com
Via reddit.com

Saturday Night Fever

Via tumblr.com
Via tumblr.com

The Blue Brothers

Via tumblr.com
Via tumblr.com

And Slumdog Millionaire.

Via giphy.com
Via giphy.com

Plus 93 others for you to enjoy!

Even if you don’t like the song, the five minute montage is so well put together that it still makes entertaining viewing. Plus it’s pretty cool to see so many different kind of dance forms working together – if there’s a universal beat, Uptown Funk may just be it!

Dont believe us? Just watch. But we’re warning you, it’s too damn hot!

Told you!

Still not satisfied? Here are a few more great music mash ups!

Queen vs The Beatles

This mash up combines classic tunes by two of the greatest bands ever – The Beatles Come Together and Queens Fat Bottomed Girls. Enjoy!

Stevie Wonder vs Metallica

This shouldn’t work, but it does. It’s Stevie Wonder for metalheads!

Taylor Swift vs Ben E. King

For some reason Taylor Swift is a prime target for mash ups, and this also seems to extend to covers of her songs. This live performance of her hit Blank Space by Imagine Dragons, which features the medley from Ben E. King’s classic Stand By Me, is heartfelt chill personified.

Justin Bieber vs Slipknot

This is a band and a singer that WOULD never work together in real life, so this bizarre mash up is the closest you’re going to get.

Did these mash ups get you dancing?

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